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Brandlive Production Partner

Brandlive is a live video platform for brands and retailers to interact with their audiences for training, marketing and commerce events. We help you build real relationships in real time. We’re a new medium. A live video platform that cuts through the din of digital clutter to help brands build human connections and foster loyal relationships at scale in the digital world. We’re a new way of communicating, one that is lived not observed, real not fabricated, reciprocal not one-sided, and we’re guiding brands and retailers every step of the way.



Brandlive, a top-tier Brand and Retailer platform for producing and hosting interactive live video events, is looking for local production partners in the Singapore to create live video, audio and streaming content. The ideal person for this role is either a freelancer or a small production company. You will need to be mobile and have a wide variety of production skills - video, sound, lighting and technical production.


If you have experience with producing high quality, multi-camera live video content, you are likely to be a good fit. Check out a few archived Brandlive events to get a sense for the content. A typical production has 1-3 cameras with 2-4 presenters. In most situations there is not an in-person audience, so audio and video can be relatively self contained.

Great Brandlive producers have an understanding of brand and retail product training, marketing and e-commerce. Each Brandlive event has real-time interaction with the live viewers watching the event.



Key Skills

  • Camera - Multiple years' experience setting up shots, framing and camera settings. Clean and compelling visuals are a key component of any Brandlive broadcast.
  • Audio - Strong experience setting up lapel mics with a basic audio mixer. Demonstrate the ability to troubleshoot audio and fine-tune mic settings for high quality audio. Audio and video quality go hand-in-hand when creating a successful Brandlive experience.
  • Lighting - Understanding of color temperatures, and comfort working with both natural and artificial light sources. Most Brandlive events require basic 2- or 3-point lighting, and the ability to manipulate available light sources if needed is important.
  • Strong computer technical skills - MacBook Pro or Mac Pro running Wirecast, Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. You will be taking live video and audio feeds, mixing them and cutting them together to produce a live show. Typical run of show has 1-3 cameras, slides and a few recorded videos.
  • Strong troubleshooting skills - Running a live video event can throw a lot of curveballs at you. Even when you plan ahead, you can run into unexpected issues. Being able to remain calm while troubleshooting stressful situations is critical. The customer relies on your professional expertise; you must be able to communicate clearly with them as you navigate technical hurdles.
  • Brandlive Platform - Quickly learn to use and explain the moderation features of the Brandlive platform to customers on set.
  • Editing - Generally very little video editing is required, but it is a good skill set to have.

Other Requirements

  • Culture matters. You must be personable, patient, and solution-oriented. You will often be working with customers and on-screen product presenters that are not "talent", so you need to help them feel at ease with the live video experience.


  • Most of our partners are paid day or hourly rates, plus rental costs for equipment as needed.

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