Country : Singapore
  • Full-time

Front-end Developer

REIDAO uses blockchain technology to create a decentralized platform that provides services in the real estate and hotel industries.


Develop new user facing features

Hands on experience with markup languages

Familiarity with browser testing and debugging

In-depth understanding of the entire web development process (design, development and deployment)

Work with users and the team to analyse requirements and propose technology solutions.

Follow Agile development methodology with solution specification documentation.

Work with various teams (such as design, qa, backend) to ensure successful solution delivery to production environment.

An ability to perform well in a fast-paced environment

Excellent analytical and multitasking skills

Excellent personal time management.


Minimum qualifications required:

- Degree holder in computer engineering, computer science or related

- Has in-depth experience of HTML and CSS

- Proficient in Javascript with knowledge on web frameworks such as Vue, Angular, Express, Feathers, etc.

- Has experience with NoSQL databases such as MongoDB or RethinkDB

- Proficient in using RESTful APIs and tokens

- Familiar with Adobe Suite and Content Management Systems

- Experience running and maintaining websites

- Experience in Git

- Fluent in English

Possessing the following knowledge is a must for this position:

- Immediate understanding of blockchains and smart contracts

Possessing the following knowledge is a plus:

- Knowledge in cloud computing services such as AWS and Azure

- Smart Contract programming in Solidity, OCaml, or Michelson

Do share with us your answer for the following questions as part of your cover letter:

1) The company gives you $100 for you to invest within a year. Which of the following game of bet will you be more likely to take? (You can only pick one) Explain your choice at the company meeting

a) Coin Toss. You bet $100. If it is a head you will get $200, but if it is a tail you will lose everything.

b) Special Roulette. The chance of winning is 98%. You bet $100. If you win you will get $101, otherwise you will lose everything.

c) Special Roulette. The chance of winning is 1%. You bet $100. If you win you will get $1,000,000, otherwise you will lose everything.

d) You reject the proposition as you only like to take a 100% chance of winning opportunity.

2) State any three books that you have read. Any type of book is fine (textbook, comics, fiction, etc).


3000 - 4500 SGD

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