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Country : Indonesia
  • Full-time

Motion Graphic Designer

ARzap Studio Pte Ltd consists mostly designers and developers. In a short period of time, we’ve developed a way of working that’s all about collaboration. It’s why we talk about working ‘unusually closely’ with clients.

It means we help people to learn. And encourage everyone to share their perspective. And hunt out better ways to make group decisions. And figure out tricky issues before they become long debates.

We do things as a team, basically - because it’s the best way to get results that everyone is happy with.

Our products include customized POS, mPOS, ERP system, websites & mobile apps development and Augmented Reality etc.

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 * Develop & Design Animation / Motion Graphic Branding Elements for Event creative’s purposes.
 * Active in supporting role of working with other motion graphic designer in terms of deliverables/ supportive elements of animation.
* Come up with ideas/initiatives independently.
* Drafting of style frames/storyboard of creative concept.
* Able to morph into graphic designer’s role whenever required. Versatility goes hand in hand with talent. 


* Diploma/University degree or equivalent in Visual Communication / Graphic Design / Multimedia Design.
* Know your way in and out of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.
* Knowledge in 3D, Cinema4D (Mograph, XParticles) is a big added advantage.
* Strong sense of design fundamentals.
* Able to work around tight schedule and provide punctual delivery of projects.
* Equipped with a positive attitude and strong interpersonal skills.
* Essential to have the ability to both work independently and collaboratively in a team.


5000000 - 6000000 IDR

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