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Cofounder-CEO of Bilingua (REMOTE)

We are an ambitious and enthusiastic startup aiming to penetrate the untapped P2P marketplace in South East Asia.

Born in Singapore, with European and Japanese roots, this highly international startup aims to become a top tech startup in the bustling South East Asia. Both founders have track records of entrepreneurship and have met success in the many countries they worked in before. We are now launching an online marketplace in exciting SE Asia countries and invite ambitious achievers to join us to create outstanding apps with our hands and brains.

Interested in joining a thrilling project from the first development to the release? Drop us an email at !


Bilingua is the flagship in-house startup by Creatella, a Venture Builder that started in 2016. Bilingua serves as a web and mobile app for language exchange where users can practice any language and become fluent through text, voice and video discussions. It is a hybrid app that works on multiple platforms including web, Android, and iOS. 

Soon after Bilingua was launched, we had a promising growth of users and Bilingua was hunted on Product Hunt and featured the Google Play Store. Now we have more than 50,000 users, and Bilingua continues to develop and improve with a strong growth curve and upcoming premium features.
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■   Grow Bilingua from the current pre-seed stage to a successful startup with $1M revenues
■   Co-lead a dedicated team of 5 (3 Developers, 1 Marketer and 1 Designer)
■   Raise seed funds early to mid 2018
■   Oversee operations and customer support whilst ensuring the highest quality for the paid tutorship 
■  Develop new strategies with the CMO to acquire new users and teachers, and make Bilingua the market leader of online language exchange
■ Nurture opportunities and build partnerships with key actors, startups, institutions, universities
■ Work alongside the founder (Creatella CEO) and the CMO of Bilingua
■ Be ambitious, fast, know when to persevere or pivot

■ Empowerment: We trust our talented team. Whatever your ambitions or ideas, we encourage you to go after them and will support you.
■ Finance: For 2018, Creatella will invest 50-100K into Bilingua, that includes the investment in a team of a few developers, marketers, designer and a marketing budget.
■ Freedom and flexibility: Work when you want, from where you want, the way you want, and do great things. 
■ Support from Creatella: Skilled and dedicated team of 15 full-time members hailing from 12 different countries, working harmoniously in our lean startup.
■ Advisory from the founder of Creatella
■ Skyrocketing learning curve where fast failure is welcome 

■ No salary until we generate revenues or funds raising (it’s a cofounder position on equity, not employee)
■ Remote work
■ Part-time is ok at the beginning
■ Equity: 20 to 35%
■ Creatella will invest 50 to 100K in the startup


■    Good knowledge and experience in tech, particularly EdTech
■    Experience in a fast growing startup at a CxO position or other managerial position
■    Strategic thinking to successfully implement a defined vision
■    Execution excellence: hands-on management and leading by example
■    In-depth knowledge of corporate governance and general management best practices
■    Analytical abilities and problem-solving skills
■    Credible background with good education is a bonus (i.e MSc/MBA)

PERSONAL QUALITIES (as important as skills!) 
■ Entrepreneurial: You might already be a founder or have that startup spirit - you certainly don’t want to just be an employee
■ Creative: You think outside the box to relentlessly find innovative solutions 
■ Passionate: You speak several languages, love discovering new cultures and are a lifelong learner
■ Challenger: You like to push yourself and go beyond your own goals
■ Quality-driven: You create great work you’re proud of! 
■ Team: All for one and one for all.

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