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Program Executive

Last month were given an opportunity to work in the education industry to coach and train 200 student teams with ideas from a pool of 400 teams across all IPTs, Politeknik and Kolej Komuniti to select from. In two days! It got us excited as we are currently growing and our program is getting bigger and better. However, as the company grows, so does the need for the team.

This spreadsheet document was what we received from our client. (Copy and Paste this link to view

Normally, with our current team size, we can get away with this, but we aren’t happy to stay where we are. We want to take our work seriously and better to our clients and participants of our program. The document just like above needs to be presented with better analysis, documentation, and reporting. So we seek some help from an associate and we hired him as a 1-week internship with us.

Here’s the result of what our program operations intern, Brian did. (Copy and Paste this link to view

An excellent program executive will enhance the experience of the program to the next level, making the program runs efficiently like a well-oiled engine and influencing the transformation of the entrepreneurs through the small little details.

“Don’t join an easy crowd; you won’t grow. Go where the expectations and the demands to perform are high.” - Jim Rohn

Our programs are getting bigger. More entrepreneurs are enrolling in our program. Last 2 years we’ve been working with over 800 entrepreneurs/wantrepreneurs/employees in Malaysia and across South East Asia who wants to take their ideas to the next level. A successful Startup launch from just an idea.

Spent hundreds of hours in the past 3 years to design great curriculum to help entrepreneurs in our program to successfully launch their ideas into a Startup. Assisting employees to become better innovators in their large corporations and students entrepreneurs exposing them with the necessary business innovation skill.

We’ve been doing this with a team of 3 people in the program team. At the current growth rate demand from our corporate, education and public sectors for our program we can’t do it at this size. We need to grow. Today we saw the need of having a program executive as our #4 team member to take our program to the next level.


Your Role

  • Reinventing the way you are currently working on executing tasks as a Lean Startup practitioner within - Actual training on-the-job
  • Basic program planning, management, and analysis of operations to meet a successful outcome
  • Create email communication campaign for participants and involved parties in all phases of program
  • Tracking score of program goals and it’s participants using current apps
  • Tracking, monitor, and document of all program-related operational expenses to operate within budget
  • Reading and converting all Startup related books and converting them into training and coaching materials
  • Research on cutting edge education technologies, techniques, and workshops every week
  • Become the go-to person for all program related matters
  • Create and manage integration of all our online apps, e.g., Command Center, Intercom, Slack, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. into all phases of all program
  • Reaching out all possible ways to recruit coaches, trainers, mentors, judges, and speakers to be part of the experience and delivery of the program
  • Coordinate the scheduling of coaches, trainers, mentors, speakers, client visits, program partners and vendors
  • Logistics process planning, automation, and coordination of program
  • Representing by attending all internal and external local community and industry events
  • Documenting progress of all validated learnings from strategizing to planning to executing a program
  • Basic curriculum design, learning outcomes and update from previous program batches for new program design
  • Support all program related issues and activities from participants, client, and management of
  • Updating and organize all program files in the cloud at all times
  • Writing 10-pager report and analyzing data for crucial recommendations to client, management, and stakeholders of
  • Collect, evaluate and document all feedback from participants, partners, client, management, and stakeholders
  • Build and maintain relationships with all coaches, trainers, mentors, entrepreneurs, managers, and stakeholders of the program
  • Taking notes and analysis of all discussions with clients, management, and stakeholders of the program
  • Updating all our social media accounts with fresh content related to the program phases of execution
  • Responding to all messages and comments in all our social media accounts within 24 hours


What’s in it for You?

  • Learn the foundational knowledge of how to launch a Startup.
  • Work in a Startup, living the Startup life and Ecosystem.
  • Making a difference in an Entrepreneur’s lives.
  • Access to mentors, industry players and expanding your Network.
  • Changing your mindset as an Entrepreneur and Grow
  • Easy reach within LRTs (15 mins walk), availability of Grab/Uber to get around town.
  • Money (Obviously).

You Are

  • Extremely friendly individual. People like to be around you.
  • A Great communicator. Being able to communicate well through speaking and writing.
  • Failed in starting up an idea for business. This is your redemption to start back again with full foundational knowledge and structured process.
  • Always resourceful, reliable and process oriented.
  • Enjoy reading books and articles online. Ability to take notes and apply knowledge to action.
  • Exposed to coordinating, supporting and basic management of training
  • You’ve always wanted to become a trainer or was a trainer in your previous work experience.


  • Available for a 50+ hours work week.
  • You lived anywhere in Klang Valley, within 10km of The Barracks ( HQ) in Kelana Jaya preferred.
  • Willing to move to Kelana Jaya to be closer to The Barracks, the teams for support and checking up on them
  • Willingness to travel.
  • Salary between RM3,000 to RM5,000 a month.

To Apply, please include a Linkedin URL or Create one (Like AND Take the free DISC assessment at (Attached the PDF results to the email). Email application to recruit[at]


3000 - 5000 MYR

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