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Full Stack Developer

At Straits Interactive, we aim to create the next Salesforce type SaaS for corporate governance risk and compliance.

Our major product is the GENEXIST compliance management solution that has attracted international attention and is currently being used by many regional companies to manage data assets across multiple jurisdictions.

Why join us at Straits Interactive?

We are not your regular young start-up. Our team comprises of veterans in the industry who are all exremely friendly and have a heart of mentorship (e.g. ex head of demand generation, customer intelligence and the call centre for Asia Pacific in Oracle... ex award winning Sales Director of Sun Microsystems... World Bank Advisor... you get the picture)
We are all people who have left the corporate world because we feel that life is beyond just working to earn a living. We believe that work should be enjoyable, fun and exciting! 
We are result-oriented so we do not believe in a 9-5, work in office concept. If you can get the job done better at home, you can even work from home some times.
You will feel the satisfaction of creating products that will be highly sought after and used by big brand name companies
There will be opportunity for growth as we expand our development team
We value people and we believe in maximizing the strengths and interests of each individual so we can bring out the best in everyone

Our company excels in creating innovative technological solutions that solve real life business problems. We believe in the concept of ready, fire, aim where we plunge straight into the development of new prototypes and products when we see an opportunity. You will be a part of the development team that will make these ideas come to life. You will get to contribute your views and play a big part in the final form of the product. You will not be just a worker that listens to orders, we want to involve you in the planning process and let you have ownership of the products you create. You will also need to liase with technology partners to integrate our solutions to other platforms or to use their API to improve the functionality of our products. You will also be involved in the improvement and development of new functionalities for our existing products.



You will be involved with the development of POCs to help companies with managing data privacy and other forms of compliance.

Some of the things in the pipeline include:

PWAs and Video recognition for privacy audits

Policy Analysis and automation

Automatic risk configuration


Are passionate in creating new software and online products
Are proficient in the following things: 

AI/ML, Tensor Flow, Chatbots, Textual Analysis

Django / Flask implementation with the above.


Hybrid Apps with React Native, Ionic or Xamarin.





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