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Ad Traffic Specialist- Growth Hacker for an International Team @Damansara Heights

About Us

Comfort Works aims to breathe new life into living rooms across the globe, and we do this by creating beautiful handmade slipcovers for your old, tired sofas. Every aspect of our operations is done in-house, from web development to online marketing and content creation. To product design and product manufacturing. Nothing is outsourced. We design with the belief that we can live simple and beautiful by trying to revive the hidden potential of our old furniture and doing our part for the planet. Before we knew it, Comfort Works expanded into a huge range of products specializing in IKEA sofa covers, custom furniture slipcovers and other complementary accessories.



CAC? CPC? LTV? ROI? Google Banners? Facebook Ads? Landing pages? A/B Testing?  Do these terms get you excited?

We are looking for a Growth Hacker to join our growth department, focused on profitable customer acquisition and activation. The right candidate will combine analysis, research, and marketing experience to identify the right growth initiatives to tackle, help create the business case for each initiative, work with stakeholders around the business (including marketing, product, manufacturing, and development) to ensure effective execution, and objectively evaluate the results.

You will play a central role in supporting the marketing team, including performing regular diagnostic deep dives to identify risks and opportunities in the business and coordinating with multiple teams to collect the right data and helping set priorities coming out of these deep dives. You will also be assisting with cross-channel customer acquisition initiatives through a mix of strategic planning, marketing analytics, and execution support.

The right candidate will love data, with expertise in using data to assess current performance and identify trends and strategic opportunities to improve customer acquisition. The candidate will also have a deep understanding of marketing, including acquisition funnels, e-commerce businesses, go-to-market strategy, and digital and non-digital channel management.

There are three primary areas of responsibility for this role:

ONE: Strategic Analysis

  • Coordinate regular deep dives into our company’s performance to identify risks and opportunities across marketing, product, and customer landscape.
  • Translate big-picture ideas into phased plans for analysis and testing to validate hypotheses efficiently (crawl, walk, run).
  • Build business cases for initiatives by estimating costs and benefits, understanding cross-functional impacts and working with stakeholders to validate estimates.
  • Present opportunities to rest of business to get cross-functional buy-in.

TWO: Marketing Support

  • Build marketing dashboards and reports to surface data at the time of acquisition to improve the efficiency of our marketing efforts.
  • Manage and optimize existing Adwords, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest campaign components including – Ad Copy, Bid Prices, Cost per Conversion, Cost per Click, Keyword Research.
  • Be a thought-leader in marketing analytics working with channel managers on data-driven initiatives to improve scale and efficiency.
  • Improve unit economics (LTV, CAC, etc.) and marketing effectiveness (by marketing channel, paid/organic sources).
  • Partner with our Analytics specialist on improving and maintain tracking systems, identifying 3rd party platforms, and completing deep dives into marketing performance.
  • Partner with Finance team on forecasting, budgeting and spend reconciliation.

THREE: Test Execution

  • Analyze performance of advertising campaigns and compile internal reports & strategies to boost ROI.
  • Plan on-site and off-site tests to validate strategic hypotheses.
  • Follow through on every part of market tests, from conception to execution to analysis, working with stakeholders as needed but ultimately taking full responsibility for every aspect of a test plan.
  • Track and evaluate test results, leading testing meetings to ensure clear communication and sharing and learnings.
  • Make recommendations on test decisions based on analysis and feedback, ensuring that test results are properly implemented into future testing & strategy.

If you are a marketer who knows how to build a funnel into a performance beast, have an intense love relationship with data-driven decisions, we want YOU on the team.



  • 2+ years of marketing, analytics, and/or strategy experience in a digital / eCommerce environment, including direct experience in channel management, conversion funnel analysis, and test execution.
  • Expertise in using analytics tools (more than just basic Google Analytics experience).
  • When the data starts getting sticky, you have the expertise to manipulate data sets (Excel and SQL are your best friends).
  • Stalker-like attention to detail and ability to manage tasks in a fast-paced technology-oriented environment.
  • Strong analytical skills and comfort breaking down and attacking open-ended problems.
  • Stronghold on data analysis and data-driven decision making. In God we trust, all else must bring data.
  • Familiar and passionate about industry trends and strategies.
  • Addicted to two things: competitive strategy games & seeing your conversions translate into $$$ (or passion for selling products online).

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