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Full-Stack Data Science Developer

Noggin is a personal data company. We make the parts creating seamless consumer experiences. The idea behind Noggin started from our close collaboration with the HAT research project in the UK (

We do this by helping people to collect, store, contextualize and harvest their personal data with other public/private datasets in a privacy-preserving & secure manner (to monetize or benefit) where: i) businesses can use to co-create unique, personalized service propositions ii) consumers can gain relevant & meaningful insights of themselves iii) marketers can conduct permissive 1-1 consumer targeting, and iv) for research purpose, brands can make direct (exchange) offers to trade for people's data.

Our unique value proposition lies in the proprietary data-flattening, context-aware & privacy-first integrated technology, and the pay-as-use & multi-sided platform biz model.


As a disruptor, Noggin does many things quite differently, even when it comes to hiring. We prefer not to have a typical job description but instead we are looking for talents who are passionate about personal data, product building and growth hacking, whom we will then fit the role to the talent.

But generally, the role requires an expert in mathemactical modelling who is a leader with initiative to builda suite of servce to model and predict behaviour/activities under consideration (the consideration set).



- Bachelors/Masters/PHD in a quantitative domain

- Strong foundation in Python, Julia or R

- Experience with preference modelling, location services and/or collaborations filtering would be an advantage

- General experience with machine learning technologies (supervised/unsupervised learning)    

- Is highly independent, resourceful, driven and creative in problem-solving

- Has high EQ and interpersonal relationship-building skills

- Has keen interest, or even better the experience, in building a business from "zero-to-1 than 1-to-N"

- Is currently working in Singapore




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