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Front End Engineer for Data Visualization and Reporting Application at Noggin

Noggin is in the business of helping individuals manage and monetize their data, which is stored on containerized Private Data Stores. Users monetize their data by "licensing" it in various ways. In particular, contributing to data aggregation queries/statistical learning processes that they authorize.


Job Description

We are looking for a skilled Front End developer with a strong background in presenting data on the client-side to spearhead the development of a data visualisation and reporting tool.

Experience with real-time (data) and reactive applications would be a necessary, as will the ability to write "functional style" front end components.

Regarding visualisation, to give an idea of what we are ultimately looking for, see the example at We seek one with the confidence to produce something of that sophistication if necessary.

Knowledge of "big" data processing would be a plus, and enthusiasm about "privacy-by-design" data processing would be nice.

We would be interested to see examples of your visualization work, build tool chains you use, and instances of "web components" you have built. You may show these to us at the point of interviewing, or even in your application.



  • Spearheading front-end development of a reactive desktop data visualisation and reporting application
  • Working with real-time back-end data services to achieve a good user experience


Required Skills

  • Proficiency working with a visualisation framework
  • Proficiency in achieving dynamic layouts with HTML/CSS/JS
  • Proficiency in NodeJS
  • Proficiency in VueJS (preferred) or React
  • Proficiency in managing state on the front-end (in particular, writing a "functional-style" front-end using tools like Vuex or Redux)
  • Proficiency working with relational (SQL-like) and non-relational (e.g.: Mongo) data stores
  • Good software engineering practices (version control; enforcing code style)

Additional Skills

  • Knowledge of real-time frameworks such as MeteorJS would be a plus
  • Experience building (back-end) services would be a plus


5000 - 7500 SGD

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