Country : Malaysia
  • Full-time

DevOps - Database Engineer

Asian Business Software Solutions (ABSS), is a leading provider of business software to                               small and medium sized businesses in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and across Asia.

We provide an ideal work environment while empowering and requiring you to take responsibility for your own tasks and objectives. We will have high expectations of you at work, but also respect that work is only one part of your overall life. We will challenge you to produce your best work, and you will be rewarded by sharing in the success of the company.


Reporting to     :           Head of Engineering – Malaysia


You will be the one looking after our multi-tenant cloud infrastructure including servers and database that houses thousands of small businesses business data, scaling, code deployment process and making sure the app’s overall stability


  • Be passionate about technology
  • Solve problems with curiosity and creativity
  • Embrace challenges and change
  • Commit to getting better every day
  • Contribute to a positive team environment


  • Build and manage our cloud infrastructure that hosts a multi-tenant SaaS accounting software on AWS / Azure.
  • Build and support automated deployment tools, detect and alert systems.
  • Build and maintain database structure (MySQL), scaling & deploy replications.
  • Optimize our server build, code deploy, auto scaling and etc.
  • Work with engineers to deploy releases regularly based on the SCRUM process.
  • To learn, grow and improve with the team throughout the process.
  • Build world-class & stable SaaS infrastructure, and be proud of it, right here in Malaysia



  • Smart, but not act smart; Confident yet humble; Independent yet is a team player.
  • With built-in passion, obsession, ambitious and never settle attitude.
  • Strong Linux experience.
  •  Experience in CI / CD.
  • Network knowledge. (HTTP, DNS, etc)
  • Experience in Containerisation, eg. Docker, etc.
  • Excellent in database structure and queries optimisation.
  • Have setup and maintained at least one or more high traffic and stable web apps that you are proud of and can’t wait to show us.
  • Experienced developers with strong passion in DevOps and Database will be considered.

Plus Point   

  • Can lead and code with eyes closed.
  • Understanding of accounting basics. (We know this is boring, but no harm come equipped with the knowledge & basics)
  • Contribution to open source projects. (Someone who don’t take things for granted and love sharing / contributing back to the society)
  • Great sense of humor. (By telling a joke and make interviewer LOL)
  • Can sell idea across. (You will be asked to sell some random stuffs)
  • Good sense of UX. (You used to criticize websites / applications with bad UX and think you can do a much better job)

 Minus Point    

  • Big talker. (Can talk but cannot deliver)
  • Office politics generator.
  • Score well in CGPA rating but doesn’t like up to expectation.


6500 - 8000 MYR

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