Country : Vietnam
  • Full-time
  • Internship

Admin/HR/Accounting executive*Internship is also appreciated

KAMEREO is established in February 2018 by founder who was Pizza 4P’s ex-board member/ex-investment banker previously. We try to make purchasing & sourcing in F&B industry as efficient as possible by IT/E-Commerse so that F&B business owner can save money and time to focus on their customer and their product / service quality. We plan to focus on HCMC in 2018 and expand to Hanoi and overseas in 2019. We believe KAMEREO is good place to work for those who are young and with passion for F&B industry, purchasing & supply chain, start-up company and E-commerce company.


  • -  Translation between English & Vietnamese

  • -  Manage contract with customer, employee and others

  • -  Manage payment from restaurant, proceed payment to supplier and other payments

  • -  Update sales & cost and other datas on Google drive

  • -  Conduct some research about market / customer 


- Passion to learn, grow and challenge
You can grow as much as you want if you have passion to do so. You are ok to make mistake as that means you challenged something with risk. More important is you learn something from your mistakes and never make same mistakes!

- Integrity and honesty
We need to trust each other to work closely and efficiently. You should not lie or anything. All people has something not good. We have team member to support those point each other!

- Team work spirit
You can’t do anything by only yourself. 1+1=not only 2. It can be 10, 100 or even more. We need person with this mindset.

- Ok with start-up environment
We assure you can have a lot of challenging experience. On the other hand, our system in terms of company structure and so on Is not established yet. We need you to understand this point to avoid misunderstanding.

- English as business level
As founder speak only English & Japanese (He practice Vietnamese though...). English is must to have. 

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