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Curriculum Developer - Rocket Launcher

What if kids are intrinsically motivated to learn? At Saturday Kids students don’t just learn to code. They code to learn. We cannot teach kids everything. What we can do is bring out the curiosity in kids, encourage them to look at problems and think ‘I can figure this out myself’. Saturday kids learn how to learn. Since 2012, we have taught over 5,000 students how to learn through classes in programming, electronics, digital art and design thinking. Our mission is to use digital literacy classes to transform kids into self-motivated learners who are curious, inventive and resourceful.

Why Join Saturday Kids

We asked the team to come up with 3 words why they like (ahem, love) working at Saturday Kids

  • Impact

  • Play

  • Autonomy

  • Freedom

  • Openness

  • People

  • Mission

  • Kids

  • Fun

  • Real


Do you have a curious mind? Are you excited about spending time in the classroom with kids (facilitating learning)? Is it important to you that you find meaning in your work?

This is the perfect opportunity for you. Saturday Kids is looking for Curriculum Developers aka Rocket Launchers!


Curriculum Developer is ...

  • Rocket Launcher > 'Point out the stars. Provide rockets.'

  • Horizon Expander

  • Troublemaker

  • Tech Ambassador

  • Magic Mentor

  • Learning Experience Designer

  • Stereotype/Science Slayer

  • Curiosity Coach


About Saturday Kids


We’re excited to join kids in their journeys as curious, inventive, resourceful changemakers who love to learn. So a bit more about our team...

We care a lot

We play a lot

We learn a lot

We get inspired

We work hard

We try (a lot of) stuff out. It doesn’t always work. We keep trying.

At Saturday Kids we’re a bunch of big kids with big dreams, doing our bit to make a difference. We design awesome experiences that shift kids’ mindsets.


Week in the life of a Curiosity Coach

  • Scavenging for electronic components at Sim Lim Square

  • Writing a script for Carlos and trying to find Spanish friends to narrate it

  • Ideating how we can combine urban farming with 3D printing so our kids can become agricultural changemakers

  • Brushing up on Advanced Python skills to answer a question posed by student

  • Hunting for Oculus compatible laptops online

  • Brainstorming with the team on how to bring a Robot Petting Zoo installation to life at a Singapore Design Week installation

  • Building a robot-pet prototype and videoing it in action

  • Planning a trip to SF to visit our tinkering lab

  • Pondering on how we can measure the effectiveness of our pedagogical approaches

  • Training our community

  • Coming up with better ways of hiring and interviewing

  • Be challenged by the kids in our class with questions I have no idea how to answer… but we just figure it out together

  • Speaking to our friends at BirdBrain about new ideas for their robotics kits




What's Important To Us

  • Can you empathise and improvise?

  • Can you thrive in an unstructured work environment?

  • Do you have a curious mind?

  • Do you love learning? Trying out new things? Experimenting?

  • Can you see the wood for the trees?

  • Is it important to you that you find meaning in your work?

  • Do you see the need to connect your life view to your work view?

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