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Country : Malaysia
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Personal Assistant

WORQ is a productivity community and large-scale co-working space located in Kuala Lumpur. WORQ’s investors include Cradle Fund, an agency under the Malaysian Ministry of Finance; SMG, an investment holding company co-founded by the founding partner of Jungle Ventures; 500 Startups through its subsidiary 500 Durians LLC, a global venture capital fund; and other private investors.

We build ecosystems that bridge the gap between traditional and digital – from early-stage start-ups to investment-ready businesses and SMEs. As entrepreneurs, we know how tough and lonely the journey and can be, so we aim to create an environment to go through it together.

Our current community (physical and virtual):
• 5000 entrepreneurs, professionals, freelancers ready for collaboration (verticals include: fin tech, design - product and web, media, IT, beauty, education etc.)
• Corporate and government partners
• 10 VC funds and investors-in-residence
• Media partners
• A regional and global network

Our mission is simple. We want to change the way people work together – for the better. We are creating the largest and most productive co-working community in Asia. Every inch of space we design, and every community event curated has this in mind.

We believe that by improving the productivity of entrepreneurs, freelancers and businesses we can have a significant impact on the economy. On top of that, we believe in the power of leveraging networks, embracing diversity and most importantly, the impact of genuine and lasting human connection.

In line with our productivity theme, our weekly events range from seminars and networking events to fun filled lifestyle classes, coffee appreciation to yoga, movie screenings to digital marketing, investor speed dating to press launches.

Visit us as http://worq.space for find out more.


Do you like helping people maintain stability in their professional lives? Do you love planning your day ahead of time and being one step ahead? Do you enjoy being a valuable supporting role in decisions regarding someone’s work and personal life?

As a Personal Assistant, your role is essentially to be the “right-hand” of the CEO. You will have the most important task of ensuring that their day is organized in a way that will allow for the company’s needs to be met.

You’ll also be exposed to the world of StartUps and the leading key players involved in this nature of business. Your day will be super dynamic due to the multiple personalities you will encounter!


To succeed in this role, you’ll need to be able to:

- Have great organization skills as you will be expected to schedule important meetings and events, handle the calendar and prioritize urgent assignments for the CEO. 
- Embrace flexibility, as this role will require you to assist both the CEO’s professional and personal needs! 
- Have strong interpersonal skills due to nature of the job requiring you to meet and engage with multiple people on a day to day basis. 
- Have great communication skills, as you are representing your employer when engaging with individuals over the phone/email. 
- Be discreet and loyal due to handling the CEO’s confidential/personal information

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