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Southeast Asia is seen as the e-commerce haven, where new online stores are popping up every day. As such, shoppers are faced with more and more websites in their search for what they want and engage with retailers online. All this can get a little confusing.

With this in mind, iPrice was set up to offer shoppers the widest selection of products and brands, provided by hundreds of partners in Southeast Asia – all made available on one shopping website. No more having to search through the plethora of websites.

Going through many different websites often takes time. iPrice recognized the importance of saving time and money and has provided shoppers the benefit of comparing prices of products from its partners. Other useful information like delivery time and costs, payment options and good coupon deals are also readily available.

iPrice has in place a stringent selection process of acquiring partners in order to offer shoppers high quality and reliable partners. This is to ensure that online purchases are made in a safe environment.

With a click of a button, the avid shopper can now search for products, compare prices and save with great deals – all in one safe shopping site.

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That Unique Someone

You are someone unique and special because you are one of those rare gems that can see both the big picture and the small details.   You are not only meticulous but a wee bit OCD as well simply because you care about quality.  While you don’t need to be a nit-picking fusspot, we are definitely looking for an on-the-job perfectionist and does not mind double or triple checking your own work.    You are a master when it comes to events because you always make them fun and memorable.  Your multi-tasking skills are unmatched and have mastered the art of juggling competing priorities while keeping the lights on.   You fix things before they turn into disasters and have the right attitude to get things done within the deadline no matter what it takes!   You are always above yourself whereby helping others is your second nature and you are keen to help others make their life in the office a wee bit better every single day.  You love tackling a variety of tasks and get excited to take on projects outside of your job scope.   You know that when you achieve your goals, your effort positively impacts the team and that in turn helps the Company tenfold.   All in all, you are the nerve centre of the entire office.

What you need to do   (and this is only part of it!)

• Foreign staff resettlement management and relocation of expatriates (incl visa, accommodation, etc)

• Office supplies management 

• Office equipment management 

• Iprice Hospitality (travel management)

• Onboarding / off boarding of newjoiners and leavers

• Event Management

• Business licenses, websites, and trademark management 

• Creative workspace enhancement and process improvements

• Administrative and general office management

• Expansion of premises and maintenance of facilities

• Contracts Management (eg tenancy, merchant contracts, etc)




What you need to be

(but we can overlook some of them if you are sharp, determined, end-result focused, fun, committed to learn and full of energy!)

• Enough hands-on experience and above all, enough confidence to ensure the above gets done perfectly within deadlines without us having to hold your hands for too long.

• You simply slay it in a super fast paced work environment.

• Constant drive, high energy and passionate about learning new things or doing things in a new way.

• Someone super flexible and stretchable in terms of achieving output and results.

• Willing to invest the time and effort in getting work done but yet know when to stop or ask for help before you snap. 

• Takes initiative to find out which is high priority and what is urgent.

• Knowing that your attitude sets the impression of the overall workplace.

• Extensive software skills.

• Good internet research abilities.

• Good command of Bahasa Malaysia is not a must but in some cases, its fairly important.  But if you have a way around it, we can bend this a little.


What we can offer you

• The opportunity to join a hyper fast and  ambitious with Venture Capitalist backed company (600% growth over the past 12 months).

• Experience the most exciting growth phase of an international start-up first-hand – we are well funded with proven product, but still on an exponential growth path and providing each individual opportunity to change the way we do things.

• A diverse and fun working place where we had to countless times politely turn away people because they keep turning up at our door in hope of an opportunity but unfortunately we only offer them to a select few who are top of talents in their respective fields/area of work.   Its not what you wear or how you look like that matters.   Its what you bring to the table that is more important. If wearing a soccer jersey everyday makes you comfortable and more efficient, go ahead.    

• Ideal as a kick-start for a career of an ambitious fresh graduate or for a millennial on the verge of the new career.

• Having the autonomy to manage your own work day.

• You decide your worth in terms of salary 

• You are the only factor that decides how fast or how high you want to climb up the career ladder.

• The most important perk of this position is knowing that you made a difference in someone’s life even if it means that person can go home 30 mins earlier today compared to yesterday and they can be guilt-free about it.

• Flexi work hours is something we all enjoy but we also understand the need to respect the core working hours of the day.

• Fun Fridays in the office where you are cool about beer on the house + nerf gun fights around you even if you are busy working on a project with a tight deadline.

• Medical benefits is a necessity and we readily provide it to everyone



About iPrice and the Office Management Team

If you would like to know where to go or what to do if you want to find the cheapest products delivered to you in the fastest way,  iPrice is THE place to visit.   We are a young, chic and cool online place that offers millions of shoppers a single platform to compare prices and scout for the best coupons for an uncountable number of products within the South East Asia region (and we are expanding every single day!).  


Within Office Management,  it will be a team of 4 cool buddies that are in this together and always there to help each other, to ensure the office runs to maximum efficiency at all times.    We are the very few people within the organisation who gets to interact with employees at every level and within every department virtually every single day and therefore we are in a good position to have a direct impact to improve the workplace and make iPrice one of the most attractive and desirable environment to work in - how cool is that?



If you are living in Malaysia and is someone that moves a little faster and achieves a little more than an average person here, get connected and let’s see if we can make it happen for us.


Please send your resume on this link: https://www.workable.com/j/2B5D733A96 

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