Propine Capital
Country : Singapore
  • Full-time

Software/Blockchain Engineer

Propine Capital is a fintech startup based in Singapore. It is part of the Entrepreneur First's third batch in Singapore.


Hello! The company is Propine Capital. We are a fintech startup based in Singapore, which came out of Entrepreneur First(, one of the top startup accelerators globally. We are building infrastructure for institutions to manage their digital assets(btc, ether...). We are looking to hire good people to join us as a Software/Blockchain engineers.

You will be working in a fast-paced environment where you will be expected to commit code from Day 1. You will learn the following on the job

- Blockchain programming(Javascript)

- Server side web frameworks(Ruby on Rails)

- Frontend frameworks(React/Redux)

- System administration(Amazon Web Services, Linux, Ansible, Docker, etc)

Programming languages doesn't matter as much. There's always something new and shiny. You will pick them up along your career when you need them. Always use the simplest solution that solves the problem.

Those interested, do send in your resume to It doesn't matter which discipline you are from. We don't care. You will get a take-home assignment. Next will be an in-person chat where we see if we like you, and whether you like us, and if you like us and we like you, you will get a job offer, and thence concludes the process.


You should at least know Javascript. It would be phenomenal if you know know blockchain programming.

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