UpCode Academy
Country : Singapore
  • Full-time

VP of Growth

UpCode Academy is a programming school in Singapore. We train and upgrade people with industry ready coding skills. Instead of employing full-time teachers, our classes are taught by current working professionals and leaders.

Started since September 2017, we have run 22 courses and events for over 550 students. The types of classes it runs are in the following genres:

1. Data Science and Machine Learning
2. Hardware Engineering
3. Deep-Tech: Clean Energy and Med-Tech
4. Fintech
5. Web and Mobile App Programming
6. Cybersecurity



As our VP of Growth, you’ll directly impact the success of our company. Growth is undeniably one of the most important and defining characteristics of a startup. We’re looking for nerd and hustler in one person to head up our growth efforts!

Your primary responsibility will be to grow our community by

  1. managing existing,
  2. initiating new growth strategies and
  3. spearheading our analytics

Using data to identify, test and optimize user acquisition channels
Measuring, analyzing and reporting on the results of these efforts to inform future growth strategies and product development
Maintaining an excellent understanding of our users and prospective users, to discover the core patterns that encourage them to join UpCode Academy and become a student.


  • Experience with data analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Domo, etc. – both in terms of setup/maintenance and usage
  • Experience in business development, e.g. building partnerships
  • Demonstrable interest in learning about user behavior through both quantitative and qualitative data
  • Demonstrable organizational skills, e.g. hosting events, etc.


4000 - 6000 SGD

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