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Software Tester

Omnilytics is a market intelligence company, providing real-time data and competitor analysis for fashion & beauty brands worldwide. This helps them make buying and stocking decisions in the most effective and efficient manner, increasing their retail sales per square feet and optimising assortments for revenue & profit. Omnilytics is used by global retailers, brands and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

With insights from over 100 million product SKUs across more than 15,000 brands and retailers, Omnilytics allows you to analyse your market & competitor’s offerings by Assortment, Price, Discount, Category, Colour, Size, Options and Strategy so you never miss out on profitable opportunities anymore.


Why work with us?

We practice flexible work arrangement in a results-oriented work environment where there are no official working hours. We believe that it is not about the hours, starting or ending time, but rather what is the most productive time to produce exceptional work. Everyone in our team enjoys a high level of autonomy and are empowered to make decisions and create impact. We cultivate growth, reward effort and celebrate achievements.

Be a part of our vision in powering the world by helping businesses make better decisions with data!


You’ll be a good fit as our Software Tester if you possess the following traits:

  • Detail-oriented. You have a set of critical eyes and are able to see the product how the end user is supposed to see it, rather than what it currently allows them to do. You have the knack of skimming patterns and easily find UI discrepancies, data errors, or broken workflow patterns.
  • Excellent communicator. You can communicate an issue in many different ways. You have the skill of flexibility to customise your communication approaches when dealing with different teams in the company.
  • Creative. You have the penchant for breaking systems and a complementary creativity for problem-solving. You can think of scenarios that the main stakeholders, designers, or developers never thought of and help the team circumvent sending out potential critical flaws through pre- and post-development analysis of the change.
  • Resilience in solving problems. Possessing almost a kind of stubborn confidence, you believe that problems are made to be solved and not avoided. You enjoy finding creative solutions to technical challenges and appreciate the balance between strong convictions and a pragmatic approach.


In this role, you will work with the Quality Assurance team and your job scope will include:

  • Designing and developing automated test practices to simulate and manage user issues.
  • Testing shipped code and providing feedback to support continuous delivery.
  • Writing monitoring scripts and taking initiative to escalate whenever you receive alerts.
  • Smart Contract testing.
  • Identifying opportunities to improve the testing process and automation, and execute them. Providing input on how to improve testing, and integrating test driven development.


This role is good for someone with background knowledge or experience in programming that has a strong interest in data. However, non-programmers will also be considered if they have experience with software testing and data. This role will only require basic querying. Other than this, we will require the following:

  • Strong English profiency
  • Enjoy a fast-paced environment.
  • Must have a good understanding of the product, and what the users need from it.
  • Consistent in documentation. When filing bugs, it’s important to share as much information as possible with the developers to assist them in debugging.


This is your chance to join us in helping businesses around the world make better decisions with data. Apply now!

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