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Country : Malaysia
  • Full-time

Customer Success Specialist (Angel)

In LittleLives, we trust everyone's ability to deliver their tasks and work on time. We stay "connected" on the cloud most of the time when mobile. Our office is our "HQ" to brainstorm, have meetings, consolidate, and get some work done.

You constantly learn new things and get to handle unexpected things that pop up, whether you're an Angel, Builder, Craftsman, Rainmaker or Storyteller. We teach one another in our area of expertise. Also, you can trust your team leads to provide honest feedback that is valuable to personal and professional growth.

You may have heard the "Work hard, play hard" mantra a million times, and we adhere to it here as well! We believe every team member should have the flexibility to manage their work-life schedule accordingly.

Be part of a team that is proud of the LittleLives Dream to 'Love Educators. Connect Schools. Modernise Education.'


What you will be doing:

  • As our frontline support staff, you will be equipped with product software knowledge, ready to answer the queries of our clients.
  • Manage users' happiness by providing personalised training and support.
  • Be a listening ear to our users and gather feedback from the ground to be relayed to the Developers Team (Builders) for product enhancements.
  • Suggest your own creative ideas on how to improve our product and services, and be in charge of the growth of your own projects.
  • Be part of the Angels' mission to spread love in preschools.

Here's what you can achieve with us:

  • Personal and professional growth.
  • Freedom and independence to kick start and pioneer own projects for the betterment of our products and services.
  • Travel opportunities in regions we have expanded into.


We're looking for someone who:

  • Has a friendly and patient personality.
  • Is eager to learn and master intricate systems.
  • Possesses an eye for detail.
  • Enjoys collaborating with others.
  • Has excellent communication skills.
  • Has strong internal motivation and will to succeed.
  • Bonus: prior experience in early childhood or customer support.

Applicants from any course of study are welcome to apply!


2500 - 3000 MYR

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