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Country : Singapore
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  • Co-founder
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Web Developer or CTO

Durrows is an end to end platform created for interior designers. Created to tackle the shortcomings of interior construction, durrows is re-wiring an age old process with technology to inject more value to stakeholders and create a transparent & efficient future of interior design & construction.


We're actively looking for a kick-ass web developer to join our team. As a start-up, this role has to be filled by a developer with some experience to lead the growth of our tech segment. Since this addition will be part of our pioneer core team, candidates should have some interest in interior design and we are open to equity arrangements. 

These are the basic requirements:

Build out features for web marketplace
Conduct maintenance & basic tech support
Prepare technical specifications for work that can be outsourced. 
Provide QC & troubleshooting
contribute to ideas for tech improvements


  • Able to work independently to meet KPIs
  • Proficient in conversation & written English
  • Able to provide written communication to keep team members up to speed
  • familiar with e-commerce apis or payment gateway management
  • *Proficient with
  • Laravel  & PHP
  • Javascript & REACT
  • Experience or strong interest to dabble in machine learning.


1000 - 2500 SGD

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