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Content Producer (Writer & Editor)

We're a media group with several online publications that's powered by youth driven content to inspire and enthuse our readers. Our media assets include Vulcan Post, DiscoverKL, Millennials of KL, and we want to grow bigger and launch even more!


You will suit this job if you:
+ want to create content for a finance centric online publication that's meant for Malaysians.
+ love researching finance related topics and you're obsessed about getting all the facts and figures right. 
+ can write in a bite-sized, easily digestible manner.
+ know how to turn typically confusing jargons and financial lingo into reader-friendly material (basically the goal is that an average Malaysian can read and understand your content easily).
+ are up-to-date with any updates or changes in the financial landscape of Malaysia.
+ are independent in coming up with the right viral worthy topics.
+ can see yourself leading a team of writers in the future to grow the editorial team and publication as a brand (and you're willing to do what it takes to get to this level).
+ don't like to be "controlled" by a boss and follow instructions blindly. You're the type of person who prefers to be proactive and initiate well thought out action plans.
+ love lame jokes, can work in a fun and (sometimes) noisy environment, dislike working in uncomfortable corporate office attire, and love eating occasionally office cooked/baked meals.


Good news, you don't need a finance related degree or work background to qualify for this position! 

However, you do need to have a love for the finance industry and more importantly, you want to want to create content that will educate readers and help them to be well informed of anything and everything related to finance in Malaysia (savings, investment, property, trading, etc.). 

Excellent English proficiency is a must and Bahasa Melayu is an added bonus.

You can't be afraid of working hard and working smart. You need to be genuinely curious about the topics you're writing about.

You will be required to go through a probation period with us, so that we can evaluate your work quality and suitability for this positio

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