MGAG Media Sdn Bhd
Country : Malaysia
  • Full-time

Content Strategist

Started in 2014, MGAG is new media company that connects with Malaysians on a daily basis through localised digital content. MGAG’s mission is to bring a smile to every Malaysian's face by creating quality content that engages and entertains. MGAG reaches a total of 3 million Malaysians weekly through our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms.



You are a what others deem as a creative, funny individual who has enough jokes up his/her sleeves to keep everyone around you entertained for hours. You are an internet addict and have probably watched every single youtube video that's trending. You derive great satisfaction from making people happy. You have also developed a set of unparalleled creative skills that allows you to express your creativity. 

As a content strategist, you will:

  • Conceptualise and produce content to be launched on MGAG's platforms
  • Lead and collaborate with the creative team members to design and create original content 
  • Manage digital and social media platforms
  • Plan and execute digital creative projects on social media

    Drop us a message with some of the content at if this sounds like you!


  • Photoshop skills 
  • Illustration skills
  • Video production/editing experience is a bonus
  • Highly creative individual
  • Familiar and frequent user of social media platforms



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