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Web Developer

WHO WE ARE Buildonauts Limited is an integrated consultancy that bridges digital and real-life experiences. We partner with other brands to create memorable experiences and solutions to their businesses, including web development, digital marketing, and live events. It’s an exciting time to join us as we continue to build and grow! What do all Buildonauts believe in? Nurturing Relationships. Building long-term trust, reliability and reputation with our colleagues and our clients are essential. This means while we love to have fun in the office, we emphasise strong communication, selflessness, and the ability to follow through. Get to know our clients and their needs while coming up with clever solutions. Going Above and Beyond. Go big or go home! We don’t like to do things halfway; we give 100%. We’re all about being resourceful and caring towards teammates and clients. This means having the freedom to impact the company with high ambitions while also showing appreciation to helpful colleagues. Exploring Fearlessly. We are a curious bunch, always learning, and like to push boundaries and experiment with new ideas. Combined with our integrity, we curate and customise thoughtful ideas for our clients and projects. We’re creative, but not careless.


We are looking for a rock star Web Developer to join us on the journey. 

We do Wordpress Development, Design, SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, etc. Check our site for more details:

We have fun, and we expect that to be engrained in our ideal candidate.

WHO YOU ARE: You love HTML, CSS, and all things interwebby. You are familiar with templates and custom work, and you have some serious attention to detail skills. We don't care if you're good with clients or not, just get along with us!


  • English speaking
  • Adept understanding HTML5, CSS3, PHP & JavaScript amongst other scripting languages
  • Strong knowledge of standards-based web development and cross-platform compatibility (Responsive Design)
  • Experience with Mysql and a foundational understanding of the 4 basic SQL Commands.
  • Wordpress knowledge is a must! 90% of our projects are on Wordpress.
  • Experience with modern PHP frameworks like Laravel is a +
  • Magento ecommerce platform experience is a +
  • Drupal/Joomla CMS experience is a +
  • SEO and Social Media experience is a ++
  • Server side knowledge is a ++
  • DNS/Domain Registrar/Email Server knowledge is a ++
  • Expert diagnostics and debugging in PHP/MySql

This is a Medium it's expected that you'll have some learning to do, and we're excited to help you on that journey! You'll be working with several other amazingly talented team who love to help! 

Your primary responsibility will be to assist our inbound client requests for edits and updates to their existing websites. 

The most important factor is your willingness to join a great team, and fit in with others. Everyone else has worked very hard to build up Buildonauts to what it is today, and we seek the right person to help us grow to the next level. 

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