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Factory Interpreter Needed at Aichi, Japan

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Position:  Factory interpreter

Contract Type: regular employee

Location: Aichi - prefecture, Japan

Target Nationality: Anyone can apply but Myanmar people will get more preference.


 Job Purpose:

There are many workers working in the factory, who are from Myanmar but do not speak Japanese.  To let the communication run smoothly between Japanese supervisors and those workers, an interpreter is needed.  He or she should be able not only to communicate both in Japanese and in Burmese (language spoken in Myanmar), but also to have good understanding of the culture and lifestyle of Myanmar people.



• Business interpretation, guidance and management of factory workers (10 - 20 people) from Myanmar

• Provide life support: ex. take someone to hospital when needed

• (In some cases) Japanese Language Education


Working hours (3 shifts):(1 hour break)

(1) 8: 00 - 17: 00

(2) 15: 00 - 24: 00

(3) 23: 00 - 8: 00


Holidays:   Depends on the shift / annually 112   days.


Monthly income, 200,000 - 300,000 yen (according to experience / skills)

Bonuses: once a year (for 3 months)


Estimated annual income:

200,000 × 15 months = 3,000,000 yen

300,000 × 15 months = 4,500,000 yen



-Accommodation provided (10,000 yen/month)

-Full social insurance

-Severance allowance (to those in company more than 3 years)



-Japanese Business Level (N2 or higher)


-Experience of interpreting or management


-Good communication skills

-English speaking

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