Incube8 Pte Ltd
Country : Singapore
  • Full-time

Dev Ops Engineer

About us:

We’re an International company with 10 years experience launching successful startups. We have a portfolio of 5 very profitable social networking and online dating websites. These sites have been featured in CNN, ABC, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes etc. We started a new team in Singapore last year, focused on bringing more exciting products to markets and expanding our existing products to the SEA market.

Unlike most start-ups, we are not tied to just 1 idea and 1 product. We have the funds, we are an incubator constantly looking for creative solutions to customer problems. We implement the ideas we believe in and see which one takes off. We don’t put all our hopes on 1 product. We put our hopes on 1 great team.

You are:

Autonomous & team player. You can work independently or in the team.
Comfortable working in a fast-paced, start-up environment.
Eager to learn new things and take initiatives.
Driver (yes, not just driven, driver). You can take a project from start to launch.
Excited by new ideas. Exudes entrepreneurial spirit.
Join us now and be part of an amazing team! We love to create a difference and have a lot of fun doing it.


Casual and fun. Movies, karaokes, off sites and cruises. (yes, profitability has its perks)
High visibility. Your opinions are heard. Your contributions affect the whole business.
High impact. Have an idea? Talk to the founder to get it funded and lead its implementation.
Rewarding. Profit sharing program, on top of yearly bonuses.Tremendous opportunity to learn and grow.
Travel opportunities.


Incube8 Ptd Ltd is a rapidly growing technology company located in Singapore and Las Vegas, Nevada. We host multiple websites off of a shared infrastructure, and use Nginx, MySQL, PHP, and Git.

We are looking for a Dev Ops Engineer to join our team to assist with our dynamic server and network operations. The ideal Dev Ops Engineer candidate should have better understandings on how the application stacks work together and is expected to troubleshoot production issues in timely manner.

  • Collaborate with software developers to automate the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes using tools such as Jenkins, Ansible, Nagios, Monit, Git

  • Assist with the maintenance and configuration of our server hardware and storage devices

  • Assist with the maintenance and configuration of our network infrastructure

  • Assist the development teams with code deployments, release tagging and code rollbacks

  • Develop debugging tools or monitoring plugin to assist engineer in debugging production service problems

  • Administer and configure Linux, PHP, MySQL, Nginx, GIT and other system services that we use

  • Assist with the maintenance of our MySQL database servers. Working together with DBA to insure the proper functioning of master/slave replication, backup operations and optimal performance

  • Conduct security audits, identify weaknesses, and keep our network and infrastructure secure at all times

  • Monitor all systems for performance and technical issues

  • Handle technical support and equipment needs for the office network and employees within and OSX environment.


  • Minimum 4 years of managing production Linux servers & Dev Ops experience.

  • Must have experience with devops tools such as Jenkin, Ansible, Grafana/Icinga, Git, Sentry

  • Experience with AWS

  • Aside from having solid traditional sysadmin skills, the candidate must also have experience working and troubleshooting a complex distributed system consisting of different stacks such as CDN, Nginx, Database, Load Balancer, Redis, Memcache and Elasticsearch

  • Experience with Webserver management.

  • Understanding TCP/IP networking, firewall rules and load balancing concepts

  • Scripting for systems administration and task automation using Bash or PERL

  • Must be able document changes made to systems and the network environment

  • Working experience in using vagrant and virtualbox for building local dev environment

  • Working knowledge on how to properly handle and troubleshooting on large scale websites with millions of daily active users

Really nice to have:

  • Good understanding of MySQL and SQL queries. Experience with MySQL Administration

  • Experience in setting up application monitoring and detection tools in order to get early warning for any anomalies in production environment

  • PHP experience a plus especially with laravel framework!


5500 - 6500 SGD

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