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Animation Intern

Finology Sdn Bhd, is a mid-sized, Malaysian technology company, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, that designs, develops and delivers financial technology services, computer software, online services, and provides financial technology consultancy.

The company’s key consumer brands are Loanstreet, the business brands are Loanplus and Fincon. Finology’s software includes DeepScreen, Loanselecta, Insuranceselecta and CRM+. Its online services include loan comparison, loan selection, loan application, loan processing, insurance comparison, insurance selection, insurance application and insurance processing. Through its various brands, Finology also provides helpful advice, insights, news, observations, guides and information on personal finance and insurance. This information can be found at: centre and through facebook, at

A significant and growing part of the work of Finology is providing consultancy to major banks, financial institutions, insurers and government institutions, in the areas of financial technology and financial product marketing.




Are you interested in an extra special Internship? We are looking for someone who has a passion for animation and video, and is keen to help us create short business presentations with a warm, fun angle.

We are an innovative fintech company, operating in banking, finance and insurance, and we have some big events and exhibitions coming up and we would like to get someone in to help us communicate what we do.




You will be skilled in design, animation and graphics, and be able to communicate well.

We are happy to animate from PPT presentations and use other animation programmes to illustrate our work in a number of short animated presentations.

We are a young, fun team, and you will enjoy working with us. It would be great to speak to you, and to see some of your work.

If you are interested then do get in touch with me at:

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