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iOS Developer

Healthzilla is a company passionate about health, A.I. and human optimization. Our aim is to optimize the health of our customer (physical exercise, recovery, nutrition and sleep) through the use of their personal real-time health data and highly personalized health&fitness advice.

Healthzilla is a result of our personal goal of finding fully personalized, objective, data-driven health and fitness advice and analysis. It's an app that takes minimal inputs from a user, and is able to completely guide them step-by-step (like a personal trainer would do) to improve their health and fitness.


Incredible iOS Developer

We are looking for a native iOS developer, who has been waiting for a chance to take the spotlight and create something big. We want to give you that platform. We want you to own it, and bask in the eternal glory of your peers.

Healthzilla is a health data startup. We have a consumer app on the Apple App Store here, that was just launched. Our app was featured by Apple as part of iOS12 as we use key Apple technologies like Core Machine Learning, Siri Shortcuts, and HealthKit. Our small team is based out of Singapore.

Our plan is to provide the best and most fun health coach through our character Zilla. He eats data and spits out advice. Zilla is powered by machine learning algorithms and a sassy attitude. Over time, we want Zilla to know in real-time everything about your health, and provide you recommendations about how to improve your health every day.

You'll be compensated in salary and employee stock options.

What you need to do:

  • You need to take ownersh ip of our app, and make it amazing.

  • You spec it. You run it. You tell us what and who you need to get there.

  • Be a team player always. No one is bigger than the team.

  • Collab with key people for product, design, delivery, and quality.

  • Suggest and implement refactoring and CI/CD flows

  • Have an amazing time doing the above!

  • Develop new creative ideas


What we are asking for:

  • You’ve been there before: startups + iOS apps are home turf.

  • We need you to be proactive. If it’s broken, don’t sit around and wait for someone to fix it for you.

  • We love people who have ideas and aren’t afraid to say them out loud.

  • We hope you have an interest in healthy lifestyle and fitness, but it’s not mandatory.

  • Strong experience building native mobile apps using Swift

  • Strong experience with Git based workflows

  • Knowledge of Realm, Alamofire, Firebase is a plus

  • Knowledge of API and Rails backend is a plus

  • Interest in Data and Machine Learning is a plus

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