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Web Developer

Let’s join a promising multinational startup in South East Asia!

We are a successful, venture backed startup focusing on developing Reward Android App that allows users to discover favorite mobile apps, brands, news, coupons and raffles. We are growing at a very fast pace and are looking for top notch Web Developers that have experience and passion in web/mobile development.

This is an amazing opportunity to join an exciting, well-funded startup building a unique mobile product with an exceptional expert team. If you are interested in the Internet startup marketing and you live close to Manila, please read on!

Company Overview

YOYO Holdings (http://yoyo-holdings.com) is a Singapore based company, which offers several reward platforms in South East Asia. Our vision is to provide the free Internet to next billion users. We currently operates in Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand and will expand soon in other countries. Our reward engine incentivizes consumers via sending out airtime to their mobile phones. We are a VC-backed startup which raised 1.5M USD fund in total. We won Echelon 2014 Satellite in Philippines and were chosen Top10 Promising Startups in Echelon 2014. We also won 2nd prize Infinity Venture Summit which is the most notable pitch contest in Japan.

One of our services is Candy (http://can-dy.ph), a web platform where our members can perform different marketing actions (surveys, app installs, web signup, Facebook Likes). We runs this service iin Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand and now Candy is the largest reward web site in SEA which reached 700,000 members.

Another is PopSlide (http://popslide.me), a lock screen mobile app which was released very recently. It is a fabulous app to discover favorite mobile apps, brands, coupons and raffles. The more you slide the lock screen of your phone, the more you get rewarded. Now 250,000 people are earning points to get free load everyday.

Why We Are Doing

The past decade has seen a meteoric rise in emerging markets within developing nations across the globe – this is often termed, the “next billion”. Corporations worldwide are scrambling to enter these markets, only to find that consumer behavior is always at flux and highly unpredictable. There is an inherent need to connect with potential customers, and yet, the traditional challenges of doing commerce in developing nations remain in front of them. We see the missing piece of the puzzle to be mobile technology.

Mobile phones have seen an unprecedented penetration amongst the population in developing nations. As a result, roughly 96% of the world’s population, equivalent to 6.8 billion users, are now connected via mobile technology. In developing countries, mobile usage is characterized by the prevalence of prepaid airtime and text messaging. As its burden on household income grows, the value of purchased airtime (or “loads”) is approaching that of cash money. We see mobile airtime as an opportunity to economically empower such users.

The fact is that the majority of the markets in developing nations remain underserved. As people’s disposable incomes rise, the choice of newer and better products generally escape them. One important reason new entrants find it hard to penetrate the market is that traditional advertising channels, such as billboards and media spots, are dominated by existing players. We believe that SMS-based ads using mobile airtime rewards provide a new, untapped channel to influence consumers. It does this by redirecting the money spent on advertising to those who may actually buy the product. We also believe in being present in the markets where our clients have decided to launch campaigns. This way, by building a base of opt-in users and through surveys and directed campaigns, we gain insights on cultural and social influencers. We practice where the action is.

Top Reasons to Work With Us

  • Opportunity to work with a top ranked engineering team in SEA on a fantastic product and work directly under CTO who was a developer of "Mobage", the world's largest mobile gaming platform
  • Fun and casual work environment
  • Competitive compensation and great benefits


What You Will Be Doing

  • Designing, coding and testing for our interactive and scalable web application and API by using modern Perl WAF
  • Working with databases by designing table scheme and manipulating / storing data
  • Implementing front-end code for both mobile screen and laptop
  • Troubleshooting some bugs and user inquiries from tech sides

    * no client work, focus our products

What's In It For You

  • Build a Company with a Founding Team
  • Work with the top engineers in SEA
  • Work in Makati Salcedo office
  • Equipment of your DREAMS
  • Free FULL BENEFITS (new PC, Maxicare insurance, lunch & snacks, seminar allowance)

What We Are Using (Development Environment)

  • Perl (Amon2), PHP, Node.js, Java (Android)
  • AWS(EC2, RDS, SQS, DynamoDB, Hive on EMR, Docker on ElasticBeanstalk etc.) 
  • Fluentd, ElasticSearch, Kibana4 
  • Parse, Jenkins, Circle CI, Consul 
  • Github, Slack, Redmine, Crowdbase, Trello, Sqwiggle


What You Need For This Position

As Web Application Developer:

  1. More than one year experience in development of web application
  2. More than one year experience in one or more lightweight languages (e.g. PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl) and and its WAF
  3. More than one year experience in one or more database technologies (MySQL/Oracle/PostgreSQL)
  4. Web front end development skills(Javascript)

As A Team Member:

  1. Reasonable understanding and appreciation of our vision and culture
  2. A personality that is willing to learn new things, proactive and adaptable
  3. Being able to coordinate and communicate well
  4. Having initiative and a voluntary attitude toward our business situations
  5. Love for working in an early business startup and with international staff 

We Consider Your Experience As PLUS

  • Experience of working in early stage startup
  • Experience with modern development way like agile, github-flow and CI
  • Experience with cloud servers management
  • Experience with mobile advertisement industry in global

Interviews are occurring next week. Please apply today for immediate consideration or send your resume to jobs@yoyo-holdings.com with email subject: Web Developer

Applicants must be authorized to work in Philippines, but we are ready to issue the working visa for well-experienced developers from outside of Philippines.

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