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Software Engineer Intern (OJT)

Infoshift is a platform engineering startup that specialises in enterprise-grade platforms for all segments. We build platform middleware products that are designed to help speed up the innovation process and flexibility to meet customer needs. Infoshift is headquartered in the Philippines with operations in Manila. We’re often looking for like-minded people to join our team, so check out our opportunities!

We're Building A Platform (Our Product)

ActiveGate is a orchestration middleware that’s easy to use. It helps business users adapt to their customers need without the need to bother developers .

  • Accelerate: Adapt to your customers’ need. Change workflows fast.
  • Integrate: Easily integrate your existing systems with ActiveStack without learning another proprietary protocol.
  • Automate: Manual, time-consuming processes are automated.


  • Data Store (ActiveData)
  • Data Queues (for reliable message passing) (ActiveQueue)
  • Business Process Management (ActiveGate)
  • Business Analytics and Intelligence (ActiveAnalytics)
  • Administration Suite (ActiveAdmin)
  • HTTP/REST API (ActiveConnect)
  • Authentication and Authorization (*CAS and *OAuth2) (ActiveAuth)
  • Web Application Maker (ActiveWeb)
  • Delayed and Scheduled Execution (ActiveCron)

ActiveStack (Components)

  • ActiveVault - Wallet Component.
  • ActiveConnect - API layer on top of ActiveGate Middleware
  • ActiveAuth - Authentications and authorizations service implementing CAS and OAuth2.
  • ActiveData - Schemaless NoSQL service based on HTTP.
  • ActiveAnalytics - Business Data Analytics and Intelligence Service.
  • ActiveEvents - Enterprise service component implementation of Server-Sent Events.
  • ActiveQueue - Enterprise Queue service with a simple HTTP API.


Infoshift is looking for a Junior Software Engineer (Internship) who are excited about platforms, open-source, and cutting edge technologies. We'll provide hands-on experience to fit your career objectives, complement your academic work and enhance your learning.

Responsibilities (What You'll Be Doing)
- Know what the customer needs and come up with a hypothetical solution.
- Collaborate with the client in producing the solution iteratively and support clients.
- Write new components and Integrate components to the platform the team is working on.
- Make sure that the component he/she worked on is working.
- Write code unit-tests (own code own responsibility).
- Come up with solutions that will make the other developer's life easy.


Qualifications (What You'll Need)
- Willing to be trained with ability to handle major tasks and deliverables.
- Comfortable working in a fast-paced, constantly changing atmosphere
- You must be Smart and Humble (we only hire smart people with good attitude).
- A passion for software development and using cutting edge technologies
- You want to change the status quo.
- You take pride in your work.
- You must have attention to detail.

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- Infoshift on AngelList
- Infoshift on CrunchBase
- Infoshift on GitHub
- Infoshift on LinkedIn

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