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A number of chemical elements that were once laboratory curiosities now figure prominently in new technologies like Electric Vehicles, Nanotechnology, Energy Storage Systems, and Renewable energy. The forth industrial revolution combined advanced technologies in innovative ways, dramatically reshaping the way people live, work and relate to one another.

As in previous industrial revolutions, the chemistry and advanced materials industry plays a major enabling role. It is largely through the industry’s contributions that other industries can turn their ideas and innovations into sophisticated products: high-density lithium-ion batteries, organic light-emitting diodes, and lightweight materials used in aerospace.

InProved’s role is to facilitate the manufacture and trade of raw, processed and refined materials that contributes to advanced materials. Using Singapore’s famed trade finance system, InProved provides both buyers and suppliers with a platform to come together to transact in a manner that is secured, safe, efficient and effective.


Innovation and technology is rapidly changing the banking environment, and “non-banks” are increasingly providing products and services that previously were the exclusive domain of banks. Meanwhile, questions about the core elements of new industries such as nanotechnology, renewable energy, energy storage systems are being raised, despite them being heavily backed by governments, as we continue to see uncertainty around pipeline approvals. All of this creates the impetus for InProved to be more intentional and purposeful, and to be different from the rest of the financial service institutions. The opportunity is for InProved to serve our clients and attract new ones starting with a clear story about what makes InProved different. We’ll become better at asking what clients want and need.

We transform banking for the industrial manufacturing sectors. Reimagine it, make banking work, for companies in industrial manufacturing. Because we carry the outrageous belief that banking can change these companies’ businesses and realize projects that were once laboratory curiosities, making people’s lives for the better, making their experience richer, their aspirations closer.

How will we do this? By doing things other financial institutions wouldn’t do. By being ever closer aligned to our customers, relentlessly inventive, and steadfastly genuine in our pursuit of industrial advances. By using banking to create more advanced materials. Why advanced materials? Because advanced materials (and chemicals) play a major enabling role in industrial revolutions, and we are seeing the forth instalment of an industrial revolution. It is largely through an industry’s innovation that other industries can turn their ideas and concepts into sophisticated products.

That’s why InProved will always be more than a financial service institution.


InProved operates predominantly in corporate financing of the industrial manufacturing industries. Our role is to finance supply chains for advanced materials such as Graphene, composite materials, cathode materials, nanomaterials, energy and harvesting materials. InProved’s goal is to become significant contributor to companies in industrial manufacturing, while being a focused and niche contributor to the Asian Bond Grant Scheme. In support of InProved’s financial projection, InProved will focus on adding to its portfolio of companies, increasing the quality and security of bond issuances into the Singapore Debt Capital Markets and, in concert with Monetary Authority of Singapore, secure the required liquidity for bonds issued in Singapore. InProved has outlined a number of strategic priorities including;

  • Investing in personal equity and extraordinary leadership: We will execute on strategies that develop, support, and inspire our teammates and align with our plan to be the place to work. Together with People and Culture, we will deliver best-in-class programs to InProved employees that are designed to further develop excellence in client relations, market building, and influence.
  • Continuing to contribute significantly to Industrial Manufacturing: We will continue to deepen our industry knowledge and develop new industry specializations and increasingly concentrate on renewable and clean energy, technology, project finance, and advanced materials sectors. We will pursue these industries, while striving to be number one in each sector that drives Singapore’s economy, and further expand our focus on sectors that support our strategy
  • Leveraging Channels and Shared Connections: We have industry networks in 20 locations worldwide. By connecting our exceptional teams with the right networks, tools, processes, experts, we will sustain a high level of client advocacy
  • Expanding the InProved global presence and capturing more – We will deliver on strategies that deepen our relationships and make InProved a leader in our market. As we further deepen our capabilities in the niche sectors we service, we will aggressively pursue both client and prospect markets through Asia. We will lead more syndicated transactions for companies in industrial manufacturing and position ourselves to lead the entire spectrum of client corporate financing solutions, not just capital requirements.

Because we expect net income for 2020-2021 to be between SGD 5 million to SGD 9 million. This is driven by completion of 3x debt issuances into Singapore of about SGD 100 million each, InProved experts will work closely with our clients to help them resolve their capital financing issues, whilst assuring that investors of financial products we structure will be adequately protected and even insured against principal and interest. We will do business with an abundance of caution.

InProved also tracks key metrics to assess whether or not we are meeting our three goals of being the place to work, being number one in our markets, and being loved and respected by Singaporeans. Based on our professional track records, we expect to achieve our financial projection and better these results in the next few years we are in operation.