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Iridescent Tactics is a start-up on a mission to develop a list of products to contribute to humanity.


Iridescent Tactics (IT) is a start-up on a mission to develop a list of products to contribute to humanity by helping humans live and improve consciously. 

We are currently putting together a product development team to build a proprietary app on Android and iOS; with plans for this team to serve as the spearhead and founding team for the rest of IT’s endeavours. We write this in hopes that if you are aligned to the culture we seek to build and the values we seek to uphold, that this posting makes its way to you; and that you will heed the call of greatness and apply for a position with us.


IT is an atypical, principled firm that operates using key values to guide decision making processes that aim to build a culture of excellence, radical truth and transparency. Key values important to us are as follows:


Psychological Safety

  • Achieving open communication with all members of the firm.
  • Allowing ideas to flow in a meritocratic manner and not bounded by hierarchy.



  • Not compromising on intent and results we seek to achieve while upholding the integrity of other values.


Productive and Meaningful Interaction

  • We do not prize showmanship and superficial interactions within the firm.
  • All interactions (cohesion, banter, arguments, etc.) should be deliberate and contribute to a higher objective such as improving social dynamics or doing good work.



  • All actions, thoughts and decisions must have a rationale that is synchronised with a higher objective.
  • All actions, thoughts and decisions should be made only after being clear of their intended effects, as well as potential side effects.



  • Be objective even when circumstances and emotions may prompt otherwise.
  • Consider questions as well their answers from more than one point of view.



  • Degree of rewards as well as punishment should be as linearly correlated as possible to the sum of the deliberation and standards behind the tasks.



  • Seeking new opportunities and challenges as an individual, team and community.
  • Stretching of comfort zone while developing a broad set of generalised expertise and expanding on specialised expertise.


Failure Friendly

  • Having the mentality that failure is part of the process and journey to success; and ensuring that when crisis happens, failure remains a checkpoint and not the end.


We are looking for technical founders in the fields of tech and psychology who possess the key values and drive for the mission.

Join us as a visionary to bring the blueprint of our mission and culture to life.