kimbocorp is an intangible asset acquisition platform helping businesses acquire assets remotely and risk-free to stay competitive.

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kimbocorp is an intangible asset acquisition platform helping business around the world stay competitive remotely and risk-free. Intangible assets are anything from permits, trademarks, licenses, use rights, customer lists, banking relationships, financier relationships and marketing processes. Each asset has a calculated value in the dollar impact they bring to the business.


kimbocorp empowers business owners to acquire such intangible assets to be implemented in their business and receive the benefits as pre-agreed. Our mission is to enable business owners to grow remotely and risk-free, leverage the business capabilities that owners can acquire from the Singapore professional network. Our intangible asset products each has a value and benefits that are monetary in nature and can be calculated and realised.


Kimbocorp is founded by a team of corporate service and finance professionals passionate about helping businesses grow their current asset column of the balance sheet, We are business owners as well and we understand their limitations in spending frugally and carefully. We turn that notion around by providing assets with benefits attached risk-free on demand and guaranteed delivery so that owners can keep adding them to their balance sheet and reaping the benefits agreed with them.

Kimbocorp is headquartered in Singapore, known for being the centre of Intellectual property protection in Asia and its capabilities in business processes and digital innovation. We are a diverse group of people passionate about scaling businesses, market access into Asia and South East Asia, funding and financing businesses, creating better value-added jobs, increasing productivity and automation, increasing brand recognition and brand value, spinning off businesses and increasing enterprise value.


As part of our expansion we are looking for a team of digital marketers and managing partners to help our portfolio companies through this testing economy.

We are advocates of #SGUnited and will provide retainers, royalties, training, professional conversion and commissions to the right candidates.

We are looking for self-driven independent mature professionals to join us crave a niche in the intangible asset acquisition industry.