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Startup Jobs Asia is a star! Talent shortage is a serious problem in Malaysia and it is a constant struggle for startups and larger companies to hire . We have tried many other hiring platforms but none has consistently delivered so many eligible applicants so quickly after our job postings. This has tremendously accelerated our progress at Shoppr as the hires are already either experienced or fast learners. Good job Startup Jobs Asia. We’ll definitely be returning to your portal when our team expands again!


Startup Jobs Asia has been one of our best performers in terms of getting quality applicants especially for foreign talents. We have since hired successfully via the site. I highly recommend them and I have recommended them to a few other fellow entrepreneurs that I met


I found a business co-founder without much hassle, thanks to Startupjobs.asia easy to use platform.


Startup Jobs was the most effective in terms of getting us quality candidates. We had more than 15 applicants and we managed to fill the position in 2 weeks. Keep up the great job!

Think Thank Pte Ltd

The platform was the most effective in terms of getting us quality candidates. We had so many applicants we managed to fill the position in 4 weeks. I definitely recommend it. Keep up the good job guys! 

-- Adeline Woo,
Diaper Cakes Singapore

Code Army-X

Firstly I wanted to personally the team at StartupJobs.Asia for doing a fantastic job. I don't know what's your secret sauce, but you've manage to attract really great talent with the Startup mindset and experience into your community/platform.

As a Startup from Malaysia, we found it really tough to find the right candidate with relevant Startup experience and mindset. We've used the all the 'famous' recruitment sites and even resorted to head hunters, with no luck.

We turned to StartupJobs and we've managed to make some awesome key hires (not just interns) in just a few weeks, which consist of talents from around the region. We are pretty excited to have team members with different backgrounds, each contributing uniquely to the growth of Code Army. It has also made our talent pool 20x larger compared to just looking at the Malaysian ecosystem.

If you're a Startup from around the region considering where to post job ads for new hires, don't even think about it - just post your ads up on StartupJobs and just hit 'pay now' to feature it!


Startup Jobs is fantastic! Couldnt have found a better portal that could give us the quality of candidates we are looking for! We had more than 20+ applications within 3 days of job posting and we wish we could hire all of them! We have a few successful hires through Startup Jobs


I've been looking for a business co-founder for ThatVenue.com and Startup Jobs gave me quite a few interested inquiries over the months. It never stopped! I finally met up with someone local and started the start-up journey with him. After 6 months, we're both full-time now and had won hackathons and en route to building a solid business.

OpenRecruiters Pte Ltd

As a startup, we often have to think of ways to hire talents who are willing to work in startups. Startupjobs.asia addressed this issue immediately. We posted a few positions and were satisfied by the responses that we had. We posted for a marketing operations intern, and in the end, we found a new partner who will be joining our management team! Thanks StartUpJobs!

Tech in Asia

I tried Startup Jobs Asia as a means to hire a social media manager, knowing that it's one of the top platforms in Singapore for startup job seekers. I'm thankful that through the platform, we've made a successful hire. I found the site intuitive to use, and like the fact that I could view candidate's resumes and contact them immediately for an interview. Thanks, Startup Jobs Asia!

Vault Dragon Pte Ltd

Hiring for startups can be a time consuming and expensive process. StartUpJobs provides a hassle free and convenient way of acquiring/scouting talent. When you go to traditional sites to post jobs, startup founders sometimes have to convince them to join a start up. Candidates coming from StartUpJobs are all prepared to join a startup and raring to go.

I received 64 applications after posting on StartUpJobs for two weeks and hired 5 talented summer interns. Thank you StartUpJobs, awesome platform!

- Ching, Co-founder at Vault Dragon


Startup Jobs Asia plays a pivotal role in nurturing creative and entrepreneurial minded talents in Singapore. It is a premium destination for those who would like to tap into quality talent pool in Asia region. It would have been very difficult to find with right quality and mindset without Startup Jobs Asia. Thank you so much!

Nuren Group

This is a really cool platform – stands out among so many other hiring portals, especially useful for startup & entrepreneur circle. We successfully hired a couple of brilliant minds and interns via Startupjobasia!“ Kelvin, Chief Guru, Enlinea Asia.


We've gotten our first successful hire for buzzclout within a few weeks after we posted up the job description. The process was extremely smooth and transparent without administrative hassle unlike other job portals out there. Will be expecting more good things to come from startupjobs!


Startupjobs.asia is tremendously useful. We posted a job ad and got up to 30 applicants within a few days, with more trailing in even after weeks. This is a great addition to the tech community in Singapore/Asia. If you're a startup and you're hiring, there's no reason you shouldn't be on here. We successfully hired 2 people through this site and both of them were quality candidates. No regrets using this site!

We Are One Singapore

Thanks for setting up such useful platform. Being a founder of a startup is lonely and helpless when there was only myself conceptualizing the idea. Luckily, after posting on Startupjobs.asia for only 2 weeks, I received more than 100 applications, and I quickly engaged a very talented student intern to kick-start the project.

Thanks to Startupjobs.asia that allows me to put up attractive job posting, conveying my startup idea clearly to others. This is especially is crucial for all innovative startups out there.

Noise Street

Startups need a different breed of people when it comes to hiring and StartupJobsAsia has nailed it - in being able to reaching the people with the right mindset and right expectations. We had 5 successful hires ( almost 80% of our team ) from 200+ applicants via SJA. SJA has the right team, the product is easy to use and it has a good reach to potential applicants. We wish good luck to team. We have more job posts on its way!

We Are Spaces

StartupJobs.asia was very helpful in our search for expanding the development team. Getting technical talents in Singapore can be difficult; and kudos to the team at StartupJobs for integrating themselves well into the tech community in Singapore. We successfully found a new addition to our team within just a week of posting the job ad. Thanks once again; and SUJ comes strongly recommended!

Blitzr Pte. Ltd.

We have used Startup Jobs a few times and get quality applicants each time. I enjoy the seamless no-nonsense interface where the essentials like resume can be found quickly.

Anyways, thanks for providing an excellent, free solution that works!

VSC Group

StartUp Jobs Asia is an awesome platform that has enabled VSC to source out many candidates in a very short space of time. I am very happy with the fact that VSC is able to shortlist and subsequently select twenty applicants out of hundreds that have applied across job positions. Kudos to Ben Chew and co for this excellent initiative!

TechKnowledgey PL

The StartUpJobs.asia platform is truly fit for purpose, and easy to adapt to. Right from the signup process, to the ease of posting a job, and receiving applicants is quite straightforward for an employer. I have received several credible applications, which is what I would expect from a job site. The look is modern, and the layout is easy to navigate. The fact that you allow startups such as mine to post for free, is much appreciated. Keep up the good work!


I have found StartUpJobs to be a really useful platform – we have received CV's from people via this platform that we haven't received elsewhere and the candidates are exactly what we are looking for. We will definitely continue to use this network.

Eclat Office Club

Startup Jobs Asia has enabled us to find an intern for our graphic design needs.

Thank you for your effectiveness!


Thanks for this platform, it's really great, we got the position hired now, it's the most effective of all other sites /forums I tried.

This is really focus which is good. Will definitely use in future


Startupjobs.asia is the first place we come to everytime we need to recruit. Startup life is very different from that in corporate, and the applicant’s coming to Startupjobs.asia know what they’re getting into. Mindset makes a huge difference. We managed to find a really great CTO through your service, and would definitely recommend it to other young companies looking to hire.