Privacy Statement

  • Users of this website seeking employment shall be referred as "Jobseekers"
  • Users of the website seeking employees shall be referred as "Employers"
  • shall be referred as "Website"
  • Startup Jobs Asia Pte Ltd shall be referred as "Company"

The Company respects the privacy of the personal information/data of its users and will ensure compliance by its staff to the strictest standards of security and confidentiality in respect of all personal information/data submitted by users

Kindly read this privacy statement carefully to have an understanding of the Company’s policy and practices with regard to the treatment of personal information/data provided by users on the Website.

1. Purpose of Collection and use of Personal Information/Data

Users may be asked to provide personal information/data in the course of using the Website, although Users are not obliged to provide his/her personal information/data, the Company may not be able to render certain services on the Website in the event that Users fail to provide the required information/data.

The Company’s purposes for collecting the information/data on the Website are as follow:

  • assist Jobseekers to find appropriate employment with Employers
  • assist Employers to assess the suitability of candidates for a job vacancy
  • provide users with various services offered by the Website such as newsletter,electronic direct mail, information on job openings, promotional/marketing materials
  • contact users regarding administrative notices relevant to his/her account and usage of the Website
  • generate statistic about users to analyse usage of the Website in order to help further improvement of the Website

We will retain your personal information for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes set out in this Clause and any legal or business purposes.

You are not able to limit the processing of your personal information for the purposes set out in this Clause. If you do not consent to Startup Asia processing your personal information for the said purposes, you must terminate your relevant agreement with Stratup Asia for the Startup Asia’s Services and stop using the Websites.

2. Collection of Personal Information/Data

Upon registration of a user account, the following information will be collected:

Jobseeker User Account

  • Name
  • Email(Used as Login ID)
  • Password for the User Account
  • Contact Number
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Current Location
  • Nationality
  • Education
  • Current Salary
  • Achievements / Summary
  • Resume & Working Experience History

Employer User Account

  • Startup Name
  • Country Startup Based in
  • Date Startup was found
  • Website of Startup
  • Name, Contact Number, Email (Used as Login ID) of Contact Person from Startup

Upon applying for any Job Advertisement on the Website and the Jobseeker is not a registered user on the Website, the following Jobseeker's personal information/data will be collected:

  • Email (Used as Login ID)
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Contact Number
  • Education
  • Nationality
  • Achievements / Summary
  • Resume & Working Experience History

A Jobseeker user account will also be created for the Jobseeker if the Jobseeker is not a registered user on the Website, an email notification will be sent to the email address provided by the Jobseeker on the creation of the user account.

The Company shall not release such personal information/data to any third parties save and except in the circumstances listed under the section entitled "Disclosure or Transfer of Data" (below).

You are responsible for providing accurate, not misleading, complete and up-to-date information to us about yourself and any other person whose personal information you provide us and for updating this personal information as and when it becomes inaccurate, misleading, incomplete and out-of-date by contacting us at

In the circumstances you may need to provide to us personal information about someone other than yourself (for example, your referee or guarantor). If so, we rely on you to inform these individual that you are providing their personal information to us, to make sure they consent to you giving us their information and to advise them about where they can find a copy of this Privacy Statement (on our website at Privacy Policy)

You can delete your Startup Asia account at any time in which event Startup Asia will remove all access to your account, resume and Startup Asia Profile in the database. The deletion of your Startup Asia account does not affect Startup Asia Profile that you had already sent to Employers or were previously downloaded by Employers.

3. Disclosure or Transfer of Information/Data

The Company takes all practicable steps to keep all user personal information/data confidential and will only disclose or transfer such information and data in accordance with this Privacy Statement.

Upon applying to any Job Advertisements on the Website, the Jobseeker have given consent to the Company to disclose the Jobseeker’s personal information/data to the Employer posting the Job Advertisement and at the same time given consent to Employers registered with the Website to access his/her personal information/data in the database of the Website. Jobseeker can configure his/her personal information/data to only be accessible by Employers which the Jobseeker had applied for a job vacancy; this can be configured via the Edit Profile of the Jobseeker user account.

Any Jobseeker personal information/data obtained from the Website by the Employers shall only be used for the sole purpose of recruiting and assessing the suitability of Jobseekers, such personal information/data shall not be disclosed to any other parties without the prior consent of the Jobseeker concerned.

Further, Jobseekers consent to his/her referees, the school/college/university/institute where Jobseekers have studied, the professional qualifying bodies where Jobseekers received his/her accreditation and Employers to disclose his/her personal information to Startup Asia.

The Company may disclose/transfer personal information/data to third parties without user's prior consent under the following circumstances:

  • effectively manage its business including to render our Services to you to achieve the purposes described in Clause 1
  • The Advertisers;
  • The Employers;
  • Third parties engaged with us to assist us in delivering all or part of our Services to you, including without limitation, to the following:-
  • Payment gateway services for optional services;
  • Profiling/assessment services;
  • Online advertising services;
  • Mapping services;
  • Maintenance and repair services;
  • Market research and website usage analysis services; and
  • Data analytics, data storage and cloud services.
  • Strategic partners that work with us to provide our Services or that promote our Services and/or our Websites;
  • Strategic partners that provide ancillary services such as education offerings for the purposes of improving your career prospects and/or professional qualifications.
  • The school/college/university/institute you studied at and your referees so as to verify your academic qualification;
  • Professional qualifying bodies where you obtained your accreditation;
  • Regulatory bodies, governmental bodies or other authorities if required or authorized to do so to discharge any regulatory function, under any law or in relation to any order or judgment of a court;
  • Regulatory bodies, governmental bodies or other authorities for the purpose of detection or prevention of crime, illegal/unlawful activities or fraud or for the apprehension or prosecution of offenders, or for an investigation relating to any of these;
  • Any party involved in or related to a legal proceeding (or prospective legal proceeding), for purposes of the legal proceedings;
  • Our professional advisors on a need to know basis for the purpose of those advisors providing advice to us;
  • Any third party which acquires all or part of the assets or business of us (including accounts and trade receivables) for the purpose of that third party continuing to provide all or that part of our Services which it acquired; and
  • Otherwise permitted under any data protection legislation.
  • Other than set out above, you will receive notice when personal information about you might go to third parties, and you will have an opportunity to choose not to share the information.
  • We do not sell or rent any personal information collected to any other parties.

By using the Website, users are deemed to have agreed/consented/authorized the disclosure/transfer of their personal information/data by the Company in the circumstances stated above.

4. Amendment & Changes to Personal Information/Data

Users can make amendments to her/her own personal information/data kept with the Company via their user account login. In the event that a user is unable to access or make amendments to his/her personal information/data via their user account login, he/she may contact the Company at this link for assistance, the Company may charge the user a reasonable fee for any request to change/modify/retrieve/remove/delete his/her personal information/data with the Company.

If you wish to stop us from processing this type of personal information about you, we will no longer be able to provide the relevant services to you.

In addition, we may ask your permission to post your testimonial or success story. If you agree to post your material on the Websites, you should be aware that any personal information you submit can be read, collected, or used by other users of the Websites and could be used to send you unsolicited messages. If you wish to update or delete your testimonial, you can contact us at

It may be necessary for Startup Asia to transfer your personal information outside of your local jurisdiction if any of Startup Asia’s service providers or strategic partners (“overseas entities”) is involved in providing part of Startup Asia Services.

5. Cookie and Log Files

The Website does not collect any personally identifiable information from any user when they visit and browse the Website; the Website only records their visit with details as follow:

  • Domain Name Server (DNS) & Internet Protocol (IP) address
  • Tracking of pages user visits
  • Browser type used to access the Website
  • Referring/Exiting Pages
  • Operation System
  • Date/Time Stamp

All of these are done without users being aware that they are occurring, data collected in the above manner are not link to any personally identifiable information. The Company uses such automatically collected information and data to estimate the audience size of the Website, track number of entries in the Company’s promotional activities and measure users' traffic patterns.

6. Update & Changes in this Privacy Statement

The Company reserves the right to update, revise, modify or amend this Statement at any time as the Company deems necessary without prior notice, and users are strongly advised to review this Statement frequently. If the Company decides to update, revise, modify or amend this Statement, the Company will post those changes to this webpage and/or other places as the Company deems appropriate, so that users will be aware of what information the Company collects, how the Company uses it, and under what circumstances, if any, the Company discloses it.

The changes will apply to the use of the Startup Asia Services and the Websites after we have given you notice. If you do not wish to accept the new Terms you should not continue to use our Services and/or the Websites. If you continue to use our Services and/or the Websites after the date on which the changes comes into effect, your use of our Services and/or the Websites indicates your agreement to be bound by the new Terms.

7. Linked Site

Startup Asia Websites that may contain links to third party sites.

Startup Asia is not responsible for such third party sites. Any personal information made available by you on such sites will not have the benefit of this Privacy Statement and will be subject to the relevant third party’s privacy policy (if any).

If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, please contact us at