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Golden Gate Ventures

Startupjobs.asia was incredibly helpful on our search for an operations manager. The onboarding was really straight-forward, the interface was easy to use, and we had our job ad posted within ten minutes. The fact that we got 1800 views overnight was also nice! That being said, the quality of applicants was great. Indeed, we ended up hiring the first person that we interviewed. We strongly recommend StartupJobs.asia for startups looking to hire in SG and abroad.

BioMachines Pte. Ltd.

Startupjob.asia offers a very easy and appealing interface to post job offers. Being a start-up specific jobs portal, the potential candidates are all looking to work in a startup and in a way, filtered out candidates looking for jobs in MNC or SME. The result is you get good candidates willingly to follow their passion and takes some risks in exchange for more learning opportunities.We have since hire our Software Manager from Startup Jobs Asia


Hiring for a start up is not easy, when you go to traditional sites to post jobs, start up founders sometimes have to convince them to join a start up. Candidates coming from startupjobs are all prepared to join a startup and raring to go.

I posted for an intern and got a part time editor with his own connections of writers, how’s that for a great platform?

Definitely a great service, site and the first place I go to whenever I need to hire talent.


We have been using Startjobs.asia for all our recruitment requirements. It has become the first choice for any job that we may have in Minematic be it full-time or looking for a short gig. We managed to hire a great UI developer through your service and we would be continue using it in days to come. Keep up the good work.

Schoozit Pte Ltd

Startup Jobs Asia has been the best performing jobs portal for us compared to the other job portals we have tried. We advertised for a Singapore / PR mobile app programmer. Through Startup Jobs Asia we managed to get at least 2 – 3 local applicants which is much better than the others. The other job portals that we tried have yielded purely foreigner applications, thus not achieving our search criteria.

Twofold Pte Ltd

Startup Jobs has given us 2 precious team members. Our first developer and designer hire came from SUJ. We had a great response both times when we put up the call for resumes. The process on SUJ is simple enough and the lack of clutter and “options” makes it easy to reach out to talent. Thank you Startup Jobs Asia.

Getting Real Software

We received alot of applications from the job posts we put up. After much deliberation, we have finally engaged one of the Android developers we found from StartupJobsAsia. The talent they provide is top-notch, and this developer we’re working with is definitely one of the more hardworking and earnest ones around, with good foundation in his craft and relevant experience. Definitely our go-to website for recruitment!


We have successfully hired our barista via Startup Jobs! Not only is he good with his latte art, he’s also A BARISTA GEEK! Chatting with our entrepreneurs, mentors and investors about coffee and geek stuffs. Just what we needed in our space.

Great Deals Singapore

Perhaps we were first time lucky but we managed to find the developer we were looking for at StartupJobs Asia. It’s great for startups who want hassle-free, simple and straightforward approach to hire talents. Recommend you give it a try because you never know who you gonna meet here.

Enable Startup

It was a great chance to meet interesting people who’d love to work in with startup. If you don’t know where to find one, I recommend you to StartupJob.Asia.

Howling Wolf Ventures

I would just like to let you know that you are doing a fantastic job at StartupJobs.Asia. During our recent recruitment round, we posted ads on a number of platforms, including Monster, LinkedIn and other “big name” sites – but the best quality candidates came from StartupJobs.Asia.

The profile of candidate that your website attracts is not merely limited to the stereotypical tech geek with wacky ideas but no practical experience. We received applications from investment bankers, management consultants, accountants and former/failed entrepreneurs eager for a chance to get back in the game. In fact, we were contacted by so many high-quality applicants that we had some very tough decisions to make. The final three candidates that we shortlisted all came from your site. Perhaps we shouldn’t even bother with any other sites in the future!

I know that this website is a labour of love, borne out of a genuine desire to breathe fresh life into the entrepreneurial ecosystem here in Asia. You guys are doing great work. There will come a day when the very best talents in the region aspire to become entrepreneurs instead of work for blue-chip MNCs. When that day comes, the world will be a better place. Society as a whole will benefit from more creative solutions to problems, more jobs created, a more passionate and engaged workforce, and greater social mobility. And all of this will be thanks to people like you.

qiscus pte ltd

We got really good talents pretty fast. Quite surprised myself especially that it is way more affordable then the other online recruitment platforms. A big thank you indeed to Startup jobs.

Ohanae Pte Ltd

We have one successful hiring from Startupjobs Asia in March, and another one will be joining us this month. We have posted several developer jobs since March this year, and we have received hundreds of applications from India, Sri Lanka, Philippines. We really appreciate Startupjobs Asia for its free jobs posting platform and hope it continues to help more startups!

Highly Recommended with 5Star

Azvic Enterprise Pte Ltd

StartupJobs Asia has been a great source for the recruitment of talents. We have received the most number of applications from this source compared to the other job agencies and also hired a few developers too. Apart from that, we greatly appreciate the fast response of the team. We know that we can trust StartupJobs Asia as we continue to grow our team in Azvic.k!


Your site is great. We received many applications and we hired one developer from there.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Forbes Digital Commerce

First and foremost, we deeply appreciate it that Startup Jobs Asia has opened up its platform to allow us to post our job ad for free. We have had close to 30 applicants over 1 month – of which we engaged with 5 over formal interviews before extending an offer to 1 candidate (which was accepted!). We found the platform easy to use, and more importantly a good source for talent.


Posting the opening on StartupJobs.Asia is useful because we know we are attracting talents who are keen on joining the startup scene. I appreciated the team’s help in ensuring my job posting was optimised and keywords were properly inserted to make sure there were relevance.

Because of that, hiring the right candidate was easy. We have since hired an awesome intern by using StartupJobs!


eKita is a great fan of StartupJobs.asia! From initial launch, we had dozens of good applicants filling our jobs box and hired 2 interns and 1 front-end dev seamlessly and easily in the first few months since SUJ launched! We are right now about to hire a fourth! SUJ has been a great asset for us to grow our team.

Rewardz Pte Ltd

Finding capable entry level developers has always been a challenge for startups. Thanks for the fast service as we managed to find and hire a great guy within 2 weeks of putting up our job posting. We really like the speed and quality of hire.


We use multiple job boards in hiring for Loanstreet. Startupjobs Asia ranks among our favourite due to it being the most effective in attracting a certain type of talent profile that is very suited to the startup environment. We have successfully hired from their service and would recommend it to others out there.

101 Business Development

Being a Taipei-based start-up with expanding business in China, the next logical step for us was to find a local employee in Shanghai; the right person with matching expectations and motivation. It was through a friend’s recommendation that I heard about startupjobs.asia and it is through this portal that we found the most suitable candidates.

As the candidates had found us through this start-up specific portal, their expectations were mostly suitable to the employment we offer; those were persons looking for a young and flexible environment such as ours, aware and accepting of potential down-sides of working with a start-up.

We ended up employing through startupjobs.asia and have been enjoying a fruitful and very positive collaboration with our employee.


As a small startup company, it is very difficult to hire a staff because we work in my house. I posted job advertisement in several site and get rejected when interview candidates in my house Thanks Startup Jobs for referring a candidate who is willing to work as an intern and learn in my company. Good job!


Hiring talent can be a time consuming and expensive process; and for startups, this is always a challenge. Startup jobs provides a hassle free and convenient way of acquiring/scouting talent. They are solving a key pain-point for startups and we wish them luck for their future endeavours. We have hired two interns successfully through the platform thus far and recommend other startups to try the platform as well.


Startup Jobs has and continues to be an essential channel in our recruitment efforts. Our very first hire from Startup Jobs is now a Director with DocDoc!

ManyBits Pte Ltd

Relevance, Speed & Results. STARTUPS JOBS ASIA has provided very relevant applicants compared to other job directories. We have fulfilled our hiring requirements through the service faster than other portals which we have used. Within 2 weeks, we have secured our first hire.