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Street Smart University

The results for my company, Street Smart Mobile, is tremendous. Within a month of placing our positions for apprentices, we have 2 highly motivated and talented individuals dedicating their time and resources for the cause and we are merely weeks away from launching our awesome App, Street Smart University, to place world class learning in the palms of the rising Asian middle class.

It is an undeniable winning case – startups flock to SUJ because it is THE place to find talent, and talented individuals wanting to dedicate themselves to world changing ideas find the positions there. While still at humble beginnings, we are proud to be a partner of SUJ and know that so many other companies can greatly benefit, perhaps even more, than how we have.

if you have the opportunity to work with SUJ, place a position, find a job, partner with them, don’t hesitate. You’re talking about Asia’s premier Start jobs portal!

Tuition Giving

StartUpJobs.asia is really a great website for startup companies to look for promising candidates. We have managed to recruit 1 great intern from our job positing in StartUpJobs.asia and hoping to find more talents through this portal.

To all potential job seekers:

If you are waiting for a sign, this is the place to look for! Come and experience working for a startup! You will be able to make an immediate impact and have the ability to influence big decisions!

To all startups:

If you are looking for talented staffs to join your team, start by posting your jobs here and see amazing results!


A very professional company to work with, we received more than 5 CVs in few days, arranged interviews and hired the guy to work as a social media marketer..

I strongly suggest to support Startup Jobs Asia for your startup needs!

Expara IDM Ventures Pte Ltd

Thanks Ben & his SUJ team! I’m sifting through a whole bunch of applications for Expara now. Keep it up :)


Fashfix got a few enquiries after posting on Startup Jobs Asia! Yay (:


Flocations found its Marketing Manager thanks to Startup Jobs! High quality candidates within 2 weeks, and on-the-spot hiring! Well done.


Startup Jobs Asia Team you are doing a great job! Job posted – first application received within hours – perfect match – hired! Keep it up!


This is a great portal that helps to meet a need. We had responses to our posts for interns.


I have posted listings for FlagAHero on Wednesday. Didn’t expect to get responses in just 1 day! Good WORK STARTUP JOBS ASIA! Something somewhere must be going right!

Startup Jobs Asia

Just another happy patron of startupjobs, you guys must be doing something very right. I got an amazing response like in no other job site.

Gideon Simons

Crowdonomic Media Pte Ltd

Hi guys – just wanted to thank Ben and the crew behind Startup Jobs Asia. It addresses a real pain point that the Startup market is facing today (my bet is that the situation will grow even more critical going forward). I already have some very promising candidates lined up for interviews (will give you a update posting later if all goes well). Lets get the word out that Startup Jobs rock! And Startup Jobs Asia is the place to find them!