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Flocations found its Marketing Manager thanks to Startup Jobs! High quality candidates within 2 weeks, and on-the-spot hiring! Well done.


Startup Jobs Asia Team you are doing a great job! Job posted – first application received within hours – perfect match – hired! Keep it up!


This is a great portal that helps to meet a need. We had responses to our posts for interns.


I have posted listings for FlagAHero on Wednesday. Didn’t expect to get responses in just 1 day! Good WORK STARTUP JOBS ASIA! Something somewhere must be going right!

Startup Jobs Asia

Just another happy patron of startupjobs, you guys must be doing something very right. I got an amazing response like in no other job site.

Gideon Simons

Crowdonomic Media Pte Ltd

Hi guys – just wanted to thank Ben and the crew behind Startup Jobs Asia. It addresses a real pain point that the Startup market is facing today (my bet is that the situation will grow even more critical going forward). I already have some very promising candidates lined up for interviews (will give you a update posting later if all goes well). Lets get the word out that Startup Jobs rock! And Startup Jobs Asia is the place to find them!