Active8me is a digital fitness and health platform for Asia. We are fit, active, healthy, stylish and inspirational.

We provide proactive health solutions for consumers, employers, insurers and health practitioners. We provide:

  1. an engaging, mobile, all-in-one offering for people wanting to get fit and healthy. Like a PT, dietician and life coach in your pocket - take them with you anywhere, anytime!
  2. a total digital health and wellness solution for employers - across exercise, nutrition, mindset and holistic health
  3. a preventative health solution for tackling chronic diseases like diabetes and obesity - See more at:

Active8me offers a range of customised programs (e.g. Lose Weight, Toning, Pregnancy, Post-Baby, Running) for people of all levels. Each person then receives customised workout plans; Asian healthy nutrition meal plans; behavioural change/ mindset lessons and holistic health nudges. We then combine this with inspiration, education, community and intelligent connectivity to wearable technology and devices. All brought to you by an incredible team of experts including Olympians, dieticians, personal trainers, doctors and more.

Our aim is a healthier and more active Asia.
Transforming bodies. Transforming thinking. Transforming lifestyles. Transforming health. Transforming lives.