Who Are We?

We are a Singapore-based Robo-Advisory platform ( We are in the exciting FinTech sector and we are one of the only two Robo-Advisory platforms targeting the retail market to be licensed by MAS.

We are like human financial advisor except everything from investment consultation, portfolio construction and investment management have been digitized and automated! With our proprietary algorithm, we have outperformed ALL unit trusts with a similar global investment mandate available in Singapore over the last 20 months. Yet, through automation, we were able to keep our workforce lean and provide such services at approximately ¼ the fees of traditional financial services.

Unlike the mutual funds or financial planners from before, we are finally going to make good on the promise of helping anyone accumulate wealth effortlessly to meet their financial goals by providing high returns at a low cost.

We are a fully launched start-up with a fast-growing client base and have since been featured on Channel NewsAsia, Fintechnopreneur, Straitstimes, Business Times and Zaobao. More information at

We are strong believers of the lean start-up methodology – we hypothesize, we try, we fail quickly, we learn, we hypothesize, we try again.