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Helping small business owners on digitized their business by offering tutorials, tips, and reviews.

We are dedicated to helping small business owner in digitized their business online. We did the research and dirty works, so you can overcome the hurdle of transforming your business with the knowledge we have.

Our web portal has been serving the public since 2015, by helping web owners on benchmarking their site speed and offering hosting reviews, tutorials and more.


We believe in following values and you might be a good fit if this sounds like you:

  • Ownership - We believe each takes full responsibility and committed to their task
  • Pro-Active - Where you should actively participate in company innovation, support, and growth. Never a 'none of my business' attitude.
  • Passionate - Eager to grow, continue to learn and adding value to ownself and the team
  • Efficiency - Getting things done, non-political and delivering results


We are a small team but growing company, we have good team dynamics, the ability to explore new opportunity with role growth and directly access and learn from us.


We believe in the principle of 'trust and deliver', where you are given the opportunity, and do it well.

Instead of 9 to 6 at the same working place, we believe in objective and key results. This means to get your things done and work in place and time you prefer, we don't need you at the office all the time. Ahem. Remote working!