Blitzr Pte. Ltd.
Blitzr Pte. Ltd.






Blitzr develops cutting edge social GPS applications. The Blitzr app lets users find routes, break records and challenge their friends.


Connecting competitive-spirited people all over the world and providing a platform that lets them challenge, compare and compete with each other.


We are a fun-loving group of people who are exceptionally good at getting things done. We don't care about formalities and appreciate each other based on contribution rather than merit. Your background doesn't matter and neither does your schooling; if you have the knowledge required to build a great product together with us, the door is open for you. Likewise, if you are a fast learner and pay attention to detail you could be a part of our team.

What we care most about is building a fantastic piece of software. We are developing Blitzr with the mindset to become market leaders, not followers. Hence, our top priorities are continuous innovation, fast release cycles and experimental development. We strive to always improve our business model and validate each step of the process. We are not in love with our product - we are in love with whatever our customers want.


  • The right candidate has the opportunity to become an equity shareholder
  • Flexible working hours
  • Flexible work location (home/office)
  • Opportunity to learn everything about running an app business
  • Ability to influence the direction of the project - we listen to your ideas
  • Work and network with team of successful entrepreneurs