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CarPal Fleet
CarPal Fleet
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CarPal’s journey began in 2014, when we started off as a same-day delivery service company, which focuses on delivering goods around the city in a fast, flexible and reliable way.

Today, we are taking innovation one step further.

Enabled by tech, we are striving to come up with innovative ideas which further revolutionize the world of logistics.

Our first-hand experience with last-mile delivery in Singapore has taught us to push our boundaries through innovation, which is why we started building a product that could enable other businesses to succeed through efficiency and scalability by working with one single intuitive dashboard.

Some of our latest innovations include a smart product that enables companies to succeed through efficiency and scalability working with one single intuitive control tower and key features that use sophisticated algorithms.

With the extensive experience as both a software solution and delivery service provider across Southeast Asia, we aim to empower companies to have a more efficient delivery experience in the last mile and compete with giants like Amazon, whilst creating a sustainable delivery ecosystem for themselves.

One of our product’s key features is to create optimal routes given a number of locations, items to deliver and drivers with vehicles that have limited capacity to offer these companies a smart, flexible and sustainable solution that helps them fix this issue and ultimately create a more efficient operations flow.

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CarPal strives to become the on-demand supply chain infrastructure for every major city in the world.


  • Diversity: CarPal embraces people of all nationalities and backgrounds; we do not discriminate!
  • Teamwork: At CarPal, everyone is a part of the team, and everyone works as a team. We believe that, by collaborating together, we can achieve greater things.
  • Innovative Thinking: CarPal is all about innovation...creativity and out-of-the-box ideas are highly valued and appreciated!
  • Integrity: Honestly is an important personality trait we value greatly. In order for all of us to work closely on a daily basis, we need to be able to trust one another.
  • Excellence: CarPal aims high! Being good is not enough, we want to be the best, and all of us work hard to achieve our goals.
  • Competitive Salary: Great pay and comfortable working schedule
  • Working Model: As one of the market leaders, CarPal has a proven profitable business model
  • System in Place: Fully developed IT system, back-end support and on-going updates.
  • Comprehensive Medical Coverage: All full-time employees are provided with comprehensive health insurance.
  • Prime Location: Office located at the heart of CBD area with plenty of restaurants, bars, gyms, banks and malls within walking distance.
  • Multiple Modes of Transportation: A short 3-min walk to Tanjong Pagar station with many bus stops around our building.
  • Well-Stocked Pantry: Free-flow coffee, tea, bottled mineral water and snacks are always present to keep you fueled and inspired!
  • Diverse Team: Diversity is one of our key corporate values and we do not discriminate. Our current team members consist of 12 different nationalities and growing!
  • Fun Start-Up Environment: team-building activities, group lunches, wine tastings and other fun activities are organized on a regular basis.