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CFB Bots is a technology service provider specializing in Intelligent Automation (IA). We partner with large enterprises in their Digital Transformation journey and help them and their employees thrive in the Future of Work. Our mission is to co-create the Digital Workforce of the Future, and our vision is to make work enjoyable. For more information, please visit


Our Vision

To make work enjoyable

Our Mission

To co-create the Digital Workforce of the future




We support constant development of our people. Our goal is simply to get 1% better every single day through continuous learning. To us, failing is nothing but making our first attempt in learning.


We empower our team members to make a difference as well as to grow professionally and personally. We give our team members the latitude to express their ingenuity and do not expect them to behave like robots (even though we are in the business of automation).


We embrace the idea of meritocracy where the best idea—not title or seniority—wins. And we celebrate the achievements of our team with growth opportunities and performance-based incentives.