Conefection Artisan Waffle Cones
Conefection Artisan Waffle Cones
Conefection Artisan Waffle Cones
Your Ice Cream's Best Friend

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Conefection Artisan Waffle Cones adds joy to your ice cream experience with tantalising waffle cones made with delicious yet healthy ingredients that complement your favourite ice cream.

Our Wholesome Values

The ice cream has been reimagined with exotic flavours using all-natural and healthy ingredients - so why hasn’t the ice cream cone followed suit?

Our values are simple: create tantalising waffle products in exciting new colours and flavours, using natural and healthy ingredients that complement your favourite ice cream.

Thus, all CONEFECTION products:

  • Contain no eggs
  • Contain no dairy
  • No oils
  • Made with natural Low-GI sugars
  • With vegan and gluten-free options available


Conefection Artisan Waffle Cones aims to turn the billion-dollar ice cream industry into a zero waste industry. We create tastier, healthier waffle cones and edible food ware that promotes less waste and impact on the environment.

Here at Conefection, it isn’t just about being healthy; we want to change how the ice cream industry operates.

The global ice cream industry is a rapidly growing industry but unfortunately, the majority of this industry is still reliant on single-use paper and plastics.

But we believe that in order to make a real difference in sustainability, we don’t have to create newer types of packaging; we just need to change the consumer’s behaviour.

Are you a "cup" or a "cone" person?

Did you know that a single plastic ice cream cup and spoon could take up to 50 years to decompose? That’s longer than some of us have been alive.

By creating attractive, delicious, and edible ice cream products, we want to encourage you to make the better choice by choosing the waffle cone instead of a plastic/paper cup.

That way, we can achieve our aim of turning the global ice cream industry into a zero-waste industry by 2025.


  • Small team environment
  • Perfect balance between a traditional manufacturing business powered by digital branding
  • Creative freedom
  • Flexible work schedule (performance is KEY!)
  • Based in Ara Damansara, PJ