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Creating Winners Sdn Bhd
Creating Winners Sdn Bhd
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Creating Winners is a serious gaming company, a start-up, under the wings of We use the Power of Play to create engaging and exciting learning & development web- and mobile platforms for professionals.

Our key development is a serious gaming web- and mobile application, called RIA, which enables our clients to build an unlimited amount of learning & development trails. With this we are the first to offer a flexible gamified learning & development platform that offers a full spectrum of learning methodologies.


Professionals using our serious gaming applications acquire knowledge and develop themselves through the Power of Play. They become winners.

And so we have a mission that drives our both our business and the development of our players: to create 1 million winners.


We are an open minded group of smart individuals who like to work hard to create something amazing. At Creating Winners we look at results and want to give everyone the space they need to do what they are good at, as we are working with professionals after all.

 Our 4 core values are:

  1. Create Magic
  2. Be Passionate
  3. Do Right
  4. Make it Happen

If our core values resonate with you, you just might be the right person to join us!

  1. Serious Gaming is in its early stages and promises to be a booming industry
  2. There is a science behind serious gaming and we only just got started
  3. We operate like a start-up, but have sufficient funding & resources to progress
  4. Our product is unique and development will be continuous; new opportunities will take us places and challenges will keep us sharp,
  5. We work hard, we play hard.
  6. No politics, no nonsense; but instead we are hospitable and proactive
  7. a super factory style Penthouse office in the middle of Chinatown