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Travelers don’t know the locations of and the available exchange rates for most licensed money changers (LMCs) or banks’ bureau de changes (BdCs). Rates that can vary by 30% even within walking distance, and can be as much as 200% or more in extreme cases. Meanwhile, LMCs have poor customer acquisition strategies & insights, as well as cash management and “know-your-customer” (KYC) & other regulatory challenges. They do not have the know-how to automate their services resulting in low productivity & margins. In addition, retailers and service providers wish to advertise and sell their goods & services to travellers that, when they search for or exchange currency, have a high desire to purchase.

Selected by MyNEF as the best Fitech startup in Malaysia, CurrenSeek is a multi award-winning platform connecting and BdCs to travellers and businesses so that:

  • Travelers discover the best and most convenient currency exchange locations with the option to book and pay online, and even pickup at convenient third-party locations – e.g. airports;
  • Businesses list their foreign currency requirements for LMCs to make bids, and offer delivery and e-payment options;
  • LMCs are able to attract more customers, especially online, perform higher-value transactions, and better manage inventory, compliance and risk.

CurrenSeek works directly with LMCs & BdCs to obtain their rates and display them on a map or on their/third-party websites, allowing users to lock-in the rate and electronically purchase foreign currency. LMCs also have tools to offer promotional discounts, accept bookings & real-time e-payments and perform basic KYC. Travel partners are able to advertise and electronically sell their good & services via the app or the money changers' websites and branches – all facilitated by CurrenSeek.


We want to make money exchange work for everyone by making it easier for travelers and business to find the right money changer for them, and book & pay online to save them both time & money.


Selected by MyNEF as the best Fitech startup in MalaysiaIA is a multi-award winning start-up founded by highly experienced entrepreneurs and advisors aiming to disrupt with innovative technology-driven solutions. We have already sold our services to small and large money changers, so you will be in-charge of selling a proven product. You will have significant freedom and responsibilities to achieve results in your preferred style inline with our sales targets. We will provide the necessary knowledge of the types of knowledge and expertise you will need to demonstrate, but prior experience of the money services business, especially with money changers would be advantageous. You will also be promoting services to institutions of all sizes as customers of the money changers to benefit both.


We are an Equal Opportunity Employer that does not and will not discriminate in employment and personnel practices on the basis of race, sex, age, handicap, religion, national origin or any other basis. To the contrary - we want to work with interesting people from diverse backgrounds and experiences to complement our team.