Dezainn Pte Ltd
Dezainn Pte Ltd





Dezainn is a design-centric interior design platform which matches property owners with interior designers and product suppliers to provide personalized design solutions and visualized design ideas.

Our vision is to improve overall interior design industry’s performance and service quality and to be the most resourceful furniture and product supply platform to the design professionals and property owners.

To achieve that, Dezainn is actively leveraging different technologies at different stages; from images recognition, algorithmic matching, virtual reality, to management software.

With all these integrations, we want to provide a smooth renovation journey to property owners and to improve our region’s interior design industry’s competencies.

What’s so fun working with us?

Since we are still in our early stages, you get to explore how it is like to start a company and how we can accelerate our growth. Besides, Dezainn is a company who aggressively building our positive cultures because we believe that good cultures give our team reasons and strength to move further together.

At Dezainn, people is one of our most valuable assets. We are striking in providing our people a platform to cultivate their talents and unleash their potentials. We appreciate everyone's contribution and encourage a knowledge sharing culture no matter which position or what kind of efforts you are contributing to us.

Join us if you would like to explore and get exposed to more fun and also challenges!