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When we started to build Evenesis – an online event management system, our focus was very simple and clear. We’d like to challenge the traditional ways of doing things in the event planning industry. We want to rejuvenate and modernize the way people run and organize events. The majority of event planners are using manual ways to plan and manage their events. With technology, we are confident we could provide them the right tools to automate their tedious work. Challenging a status quo has never been a popular move, but we are crazy enough to take on this challenge.

At Evenesis, we really care about our customers. Without them, there won’t be Evenesis. Because of that, we pay attention to every detail of features that we develop for them. Of course, there are plenty of areas for us to improve and rest assured that “improvement” is always on-going in Evenesis. We deliver updates constantly so our users can experience the best from us.

Our team is growing and expanding with members who are diverse in culture and skills. We challenge every idea and innovation to bring out the best from each other. We make mistakes, learn quickly from them, and always ask ourselves, “How can we make things better?” We work hard and kick our own back sometimes far beyond our own wanting, but we also want everybody in the company to have fun at what they are doing and at what they are contributing back to the users, customers and fans. Love begets love.

Our story does not end here. We want to keep creating new chapters in our story. We also want you to be part of our story.

“To Exhibit Our Passion in Software Development Through Innovation and Cutting-Edge Solutions that are effective and customer-oriented”



*“Find your passion in life and at
work, then you’ll find and spread joy within the team and to others”


*“Always in search of solutions to
problems. Don’t come with problems
but solutions”


*“Be yourself no matter how
successful you’ve become and stay true to your values. Have compassion.”

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