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Excide was founded in 2015 serving small and medium enterprises in Singapore. We perform the role of a CFO at a fraction of their salary. This means that small and medium businesses are able to afford the professional financial management services that are commonly adopted by larger organizations.

While F&B, retail, education, and tech startups remain our core strength, we also work with a wide range of clients spanning multiple sectors.

Excide has identified the end-to-end value chain of our services and explored various segments that can be made more efficient through technology.

1. Excide's proprietary software, Symphony, helps to automate various work streams so that businesses can ensure their important finance processes are completed in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

2. Xero, a cloud-based accounting software, allows us to perform the bookkeeping function and monitor the business remotely.

In today's world, the role of a CFO is evolving. It has shifted from just purely financial control to having a bigger focus on strategic decisions. However, making good strategic decisions require good data and good finance processes.

Excide will help to transform your finance processes using technology to ensure you have better insight into your business. You will be able to view all the critical details of your business from your personal command center.

Our all-rounded team will also provide you with expertise across the various finance functions to support you in your decision-making. This includes financial control, FP&A, automation and process optimization.

Some of our clients include Singapore's leading mobile enterprise solutions provider, a Chinese unicorn in the technology sector and a subsidiary of a prominent government-linked company. The demographics of our clients range from early-stage startups, serial entrepreneurs to private equity professionals, bankers and doctors.


Excide aims to build up a network of finance professionals equipped with modern tools to meet the finance needs of SMEs.


We are a team of passionate individuals who enjoy creatively solving problems faced by finance professionals with technology. We learn quickly and are resourceful and adaptable when faced with challenges. We care about providing the best service for our clients and are meticulous in our work.

Even as we work hard to deliver the best experiences for our clients, we care about our own learning as well and actively encourage exposure to the latest technologies and trends in our industry. We strive to facilitate a learning and sharing culture in our company so that every individual is able to be stretched and challenge in their roles.


We are a young and nimble company with a flexible and relaxed work environment. We encourage independent and self-directed roles and value personal development and growth.