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Eyeota Beginnings

Eyeota’s founders, Kevin, Kristina and Trent, joined forces to create a data solution that addresses the critical need for quality audience targeting. While working together at Adify (purchased by media conglomerate Cox), they noticed a burgeoning programmatic industry and recognized the need for high-quality audience data to power campaigns. The team set out to build a global data marketplace to support the range of advertising and marketing demands. Eyeota was established in 2010 and set up simultaneously in Singapore, Berlin and Sydney. At the time, programmatic was still in its infancy and many in advertising were unaware of its benefits.

The founders took to the streets to educate the market on programmatic and the value of audience data as a separate asset from inventory. As the market rapidly grew, Eyeota took the data world by storm.

Today, Eyeota is the global leader in audience data with more than 4 billion unique profiles across Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas, and works with some of the largest publishers, advertisers, media agencies and brands around the world.


Accelerating business by connecting data and technology with audiences.

Since 2010 Eyeota has been dedicated to providing our customers with data confidence and delivering solutions that help maximize the value of audience data.

This starts with our proven global methodology that onboards offline and online data in a privacy-compliant and globally consistent way without the use of personally identifiable information (PII).

What We Do: Make Data Make Sense

Eyeota is here to help you make sense of data. At Eyeota, our team of data scientists and audience experts work with our partners to help them assess their data assets and business objectives, whether it be for digital advertising, insights on your audience, research enhancement, bringing offline data online, distribution of your data in a controlled manner…the list of possibilities goes on and on. And those endless possibilities make data so exciting.


We bring personality to the table and feel comfortable being ourselves, while always remaining respectful of each other.

To build valuable relationships, we work creatively with the team and share critical information, with a clear focus on getting the job done. We are dependable, positive, and approachable, and encourage ideation amongst teams.

To support the growth of our business, we refer strong talent to our company and integrate new Eyeotians into the team.


Eyeota provides a dynamic, fun workplace filled with passionate individuals.

We are at the cutting edge of advertising technology and there is never a dull moment at work. At Eyeota we foster an open, cooperative, welcoming, and comradely environment.

Opinions and ideas are not only welcome, but they are also encouraged! We believe in the power of digital media to transform the way businesses and consumers can interact.

We have a truly global footprint, with our headquarters in Singapore and offices in Australia, United States, United Kingdom, and India. We speak over 20 different languages, from more than 16 different nationalities and over 42% of our staff are multilingual.

At Eyeota you will gain work experience in a global startup!