EzCab is one of Malaysia's most active transport booking application in the market. EzCab leads the charge in ensuring that local taxis remain relevant and competitive by bridging the technological divide between taxis driver and their customers. It’s steady growth, is a resultant of the company’s commitment to innovate and adapt, perfectly exemplified by its introduction of the ‘SOS Button’ feature, making it the 1st e-hailing app in the country to do so.

Complimented by the 24/7 Customer Support Centre that is equiped with sophisticated dispatching sofware, GPS tracking and mobile communications, EzCab is able to provide a total solution that blends technology and human touch.

EzCab Sdn Bhd has been awarded MSC Status, a recognition by Government of Malaysia through the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDEC), which underlines its strength and ability in producing leading-edge ICT solution and world-class service