◤The Story of FITGEAR™â—¢

A travel essential T-shirt that sold 15,000pcs worldwide within 2 months. FITGEAR™ was founded by a group of fashion designers with a simple idea:

"Why should we pay so much for premium quality?!"


→ Travel the world for best materials

With the mission, the team began looking for the best fabrics and top garment manufacturer from Vietnam, Taiwan, and Malaysia one by one knocking the doors...After 6 months of R&D and market testing, FITGEAR™ has now successfully launch of the first Wind Series & Storm series!


→ "Premium quality, honest price"

All greatness comes from the persistence of dreams. The team handpick top-quality materials and production, and reduce the cost with innovative mode: Factory → Customers, cut the middleman, 100% online shopping shipments, bringing the most "honest" price to customers.


→ Kickstart by pre-order. Small cap, big dream!

"Soon, FITGEAR™ is possible to bring an ultimate outdoor backpack ~RM300 (USD70) to everyone at just RM89 (USD), through our innovative supply model and provide quality assurance for three years."
Now, we're looking for talents for our global expansion. Get on the boat, we're ready to roll!

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Like you. We hate overpriced items. In FITGEAR, we bring manufacturer → customer by cutting middleman.

"Premium essential, honest price"


Cool working place in KL, flexible working hours, nice colleagues, fun & creative culture, learn to become a future entrepreneur, full-time salary (RM3-5K), and more interesting projects!